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24-10-2022 06:13:10  #1

Ribbon Spools Not Turning

I have a Torpedo 18.
The ribbon spools are not turning so the ribbon does not advance, in either direction.
The small metal piece that goes between the teeth on the wheel does connect. Maybe not tight enough?
Ribbon not wound properly? Too loose?
Any help to fix this would be great. Thanks.


24-10-2022 06:37:46  #2

Re: Ribbon Spools Not Turning

Clean the machine.
Also check your ribbon color selector function for proper operation. When set to dark it should raise the vibrator X amount, when set to red, it should raise it half a ribbon-width more. What this switch also does is disengage the ribbon advance when set to the white position, so if you have it set to dark but the linkage is bent/loose/dirty/etc. you may have a condition where the ribbon vibrator will raise but the advance may think that the selector is set to the white position. Cleaning usually takes care of most problems, but the ribbon advance and vibrator linkages can be finicky on all machines. Good luck.
Phil Forrest


24-10-2022 11:05:53  #3

Re: Ribbon Spools Not Turning

As Phil said, lots of cleaning with your favourite solvent and compressed air blow, repeatedly, is the first step to pursue.

In the process of not forget to pay attention to cleaning any/all linkages associated with the ribbon reversal mechanism.


20-11-2022 01:50:23  #4

Re: Ribbon Spools Not Turning

A lot of newer or euro machines have small hair torsion springs that hold the ribbon advance pawls to the gearing.  Those springs can come undone, common on machines like the Hermes Baby.  Double check that all the pawls are indeed springy.

Typewriter Service Tech (and avid nerd)

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