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Typewriter Talk Forum Rules

Welcome to the Typewriter Talk Forum! 
To post messages and participate in discussions you are required to register as a forum member. It’s free to join; however, by doing so you agree to respect the rules governing this forum. 
The reason for having these rules is simply to maintain a friendly, respectful, and pleasant forum for typewriter enthusiasts of all ages. Please note that some sub-forums, such as those in the Buy & Sell section, have additional rules that you should read. You can find those additional rules a pinned thread located at the top of the sub-forum.
Please enjoy your stay and Happy Typing!
Typewriter Talk (TT) Forum Rules
1. There Can Only Be One
You are only allowed to have one forum membership. Multiple memberships used by the same person will be deleted without notice. There are ways of sniffing out those who like to hide behind multiple user names – please don’t test them.
2. Flammable Materials
Please maintain a courteous and respectful manner toward the other forum members. Personal attacks, insults, or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Needless to say, racism, sexism, bigotry, and foul language are also not welcome. If you feel someone has become abusive or insulting, please report them to a moderator and don’t engage in a war of words with an antagonist. They will be warned by a moderator – or banned from the forum if their poor behaviour continues. One other thing: since political and religious discussions tend to be the most volatile, those subjects are not allowed here (this includes signature line content). Remember, everyone will assume that you joined TT to discuss typewriters and not to preach jingoistic rhetoric.
3. Round Peg, Square Hole
Please respect the structure of the forum by posting your comments in an appropriate sub-forum. No one wants to sift through threads on replacing ribbons and local get-togethers when they’re looking for a review of specific typewriter. Moderators will, without warning, either move or delete threads that have been created in the wrong sub-forum.
4. Wham Spam, Thank You Ma’am
Professional spammers don’t read or care about forum rules. They are public enemy number one for those who run the forum as well as those who want to use it. TT is regularly checked for spam to keep it free of spam; however, should you come across a post selling knock-off handbags or running shoes, please report it to a moderator through a Private Message (PM) if it hasn’t been removed within 24 hours. Legitimate forum members with something to sell should only post those items in the Buy & Sell sub-forum. Ads placed in other forums will be deleted without notice.
5. Beware of Trolls
Trolls don’t only live under bridges, they roam forums looking for ways to pick a fight and ruin everyone’s day. Please don't feed them or otherwise engage in a discussion with their kind. If someone is behaving in an impolite manner or is deliberately being confrontational, you are encouraged to report them to a moderator. Trolls will be warned. Further anti-social behaviour will result in their ban from the forum.
6. Let’s Get Personal
This forum’s software allows you to personalize your profile by adding items such as an avatar (a small image) and signature lines that appear in each post you create. Our rule for avatars, signature lines or any image that you post on TT is that it not be offensive or pornographic in nature. Avatars, signatures, and images may not contain advertising of any kind - this includes any text that should appear in the Buy&Sell sub-forum. Moderators will remove such items from your profile or post without notice and you will be issued a warning.
To prevent unnecessary clutter and ensure threads are easy to read, please limit the size of your signature line, and please don’t use animated gifs or flashing banners; they may seem cute to you, but they’re just items that drive everyone else to distraction. Links within signature lines that point to personal or non-commercial websites are permitted. Links to commercial websites or act as an advertising tool are not permitted and will be removed.
7. Take a Message
All of the above rules apply to the forum’s personal messaging system too. PMs are not to be used to advertise, promote products or services, or harass other members with spam in any way.


23-9-2021 19:48:34  #2

Re: Typewriter Talk Forum Rules

Friends, I need to replace the mainspring/case & spring, for my 1952 Rheinmetall KsT.  Wondering if I can substitute another brand unit  (successfully) since the original parts I cannot find.    If I could access measurements from other company's models, I might find something, Yes? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. P


24-9-2021 15:29:37  #3

Re: Typewriter Talk Forum Rules

Hi, P.  Welcome to the forum.
Please post your repair related questions in the Maintenance & Repairs sub-forum as this thread is for forum rules. Thanks. (I'll delete your post from here once you've had a chance to copy and paste the text).

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