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04-2-2023 21:24:32  #21

Re: Olympia SM9 (question)

Hi Rob,

Yep and practice.  This case had 3-4 corners with that damage.  And some dents and other gouges, as well.

It takes some looking to find a 100% latex caulk with absolutely no silicone blended any silicone in the mix and the paint never looks right.

On some Smith Corona machines...I even use a natural sea sponge to "dab" the latex caulk to recreate the crinkle paint texture where paint was removed down the bare metal.  I use a small piece of sponge that is mostly dry and stiff.



05-2-2023 09:52:36  #22

Re: Olympia SM9 (question)

This is the kind of hard-won, empirical knowledge that is so useful to us restorers and just plain repairers. Thanks so much for your curiosity and energy and skills, Pete!


05-2-2023 10:48:50  #23

Re: Olympia SM9 (question)

M. Höhne,

I find working on cases just as enjoyable as on the machines.  Cases do not seem to be as stubborn as a machine can be many times.

I recently acquired a new Olympia typewriter and was so disappointed that its case was near perfect and only needed a light cleaning.  I did glue down a seam of the cream-coloured covering along the back that had slightly opened up.



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