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27-12-2022 08:59:40  #11

Re: S-C Electra 120 ... In-Coming

Hi Jim,

Thanks for the kind offer.  My wife has made plans for the cursive machine to go to a family member. Pre-teen who has bugged her parents for such a machine for nearly 2 years but all seemed so expensive and out of reach for the family.

Just waiting for me to pair the 120 with a case and finish the service on the machine.


28-12-2022 19:29:08  #12

Re: S-C Electra 120 ... In-Coming

Today we warmed up to 41* F. so I took the opportunity to service the S-C Electra 120.

Space bar was hanging up on the metal body frame in the front, but a little bending of the space bar linkage took care of that.  No other work or repairs required.

New purple ribbon wound on the metal spools and it types flawlessly...

Compared to my 1959 Smith-Corona 5TE, I think this Series 6 machine is the better one in terms of typing speed and even build quality as far as portable electrics go.

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01-1-2023 14:09:58  #13

Re: S-C Electra 120 ... In-Coming

Nice case from SGW for an Electra 220 is re-purposed for this S-C Electra 120.

Even has a key for the case.

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01-1-2023 16:07:45  #14

Re: S-C Electra 120 ... In-Coming

Hi Jim,

Got into the Electra 220 this morning in my garage.  Boy...they must have been 1/2 lbs of eraser crumbs inside this machine.

My machine dates from 1970 and does not have the 2-part motor winding and micro-switch circuit to "super-charge" the power-return cycle.

So it seems like the 21/220 series can either have or not have that feature.

The power-return cycle's motive-force seems pretty mild and yet fast enough, for me, to not seem to be waiting to start the next line of typing.

Couple of items need sorting out...

1.  Normal space-bar not resulting in a movement of the carriage.  (But the carriage does move with the typing of each key-top.)

2.  Power-space bar not resulting in a movement of the carriage.

Think both issues are gummed-up linkages or pivots.  As I can trigger both to happen with my finger on the links/pawls near the escapement.

And the half-space key-top works fine.

Tomorrow I will get a new ribbon in place and see if any other issues show up.

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01-1-2023 20:12:30  #15

Re: S-C Electra 120 ... In-Coming

Hi Pete,

  That confirms my suspicion that the "turbo" motor was optional.  I think I might add a switch to mine to easily enable/disable the missile launcher.  The challenge is to make it look "original".  Maybe it would be best to hide the switch under the ribbon cover... 

Here is a picture of my 120/220 cases in case (no pun intended) you want to approximate the look of the originals.   I like the Dymo label idea - I want to add those to all my cases as sometimes I can't remember which is which without opening them.


02-1-2023 12:26:56  #16

Re: S-C Electra 120 ... In-Coming

Hi Jim,

Neat idea about the micro "kill switch".  Maybe get one of those small push-button and place it under the machine where the bottom panel has an unused round hole. 

Thanks for the photos of your case labels.

I have black Dymo tape on order...but mocked up one with blue and red tape.  I got my blue section placed on a bit crooked...but will fix that when my black embossing tape comes in,

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04-2-2023 11:53:02  #17

Re: S-C Electra 120 ... In-Coming

Pete, Looks like you found some great buys on some nice looking SCM Series 6 Electrics.
ShopGoodWill auction is a great place to find some very nice typewriters at give away prices, and shipping is rock bottom as well.
I've been refurbishing a number of the SCM series 6 manuals and electrics, including the 120, 220, and 250 secretarials. They are indeed, very stout machines that are made to perform day in and day out in an office.
Here's a pic of my latest one. Getting them back to like new working and looking is rewarding.


04-2-2023 13:06:35  #18

Re: S-C Electra 120 ... In-Coming


I think that is a prettiest color option in the bunch.

Duane Jensen's video on the Secretarial 250 sure was fun to watch.  Too bad it does not come with a manual CR lever option.

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06-2-2023 02:06:25  #19

Re: S-C Electra 120 ... In-Coming

Well, I finally got my "script" Electra 120, thanks to a tip from Pete (thanks, Pete!)

Did a little cleaning and degreasing, a few minor adjustments and a platen swap, and she's up and running:


06-2-2023 05:24:35  #20

Re: S-C Electra 120 ... In-Coming

Very nice, Jim.
And, a score of a price as well.
That's a nice font. I've never seen an Electra 120 advertised with that before.
Sweet machine.

Did you do a complete clean and refurb of innards?

Happy typing.


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