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Old typewriter ads

Hi everyone!

After buying my first Facit Privat, I got interested how a typewriters ad could look like. My machine is from 1968 so I managed to find some ads from the same year. All of the ads were published in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter (Today's News).

Picture #1: This one was published in October 1968. Rema was an old series of shops that doesn't exist anymore. And it was a pricey machine! 485 SEK equals to $472 and €445.

Picture #2: If you lived in Stockholm in 1968 and was wondering what to give for Christmas, maybe a typewriter was the answer. PUB was the name of the finest department store (nowadays a hotel). The price gives it away: 515 SEK equals to almost $500 and almost €470. The text reads:

"Study with Facit Privat
It has been shown that children who had access to typewriters learned to write and read more easily. Let your children study with the new Facit Privat - easy, funny and the best private education they can get.

10 years warranty. Price including bag."


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Re: Old typewriter ads

Picture #3: This fullpage ad is a bit different from the ones we're used to see these days. The translation reads:

Does your children have a typewriter?

"You can say that they don’t need one just because you didn’t needed one when you were in their age.

Take a look in their school books and see how nice they are. Easy to read, clear, instructive and full of knowledge. Far away from the ones you had in school.

In the new school age, the education is both more effective and more interesting. And the duration is longer. Everybody goes at least nine years in school. Four out of five goes on to university etc. We got rid of the matriculation examination but we educate a new generation. Machine typing makes its way into the children’s schedules from seventh class. In a few years, you’ll most likely start at an even earlier age. Everybody will presume that everybody will be able to use a typewriter. Your children won’t even write their love letters by hand. Only their signatures.

You can say that a typewriter is not a toy and way too expensive to give to a child.

You couldn’t be more wrong.
When children are playing, they’re adults. They are parents, indians but they’re never children. The best toys are almost never toys but real things straight from the adult world. Real clothes to get dressed in. Real tools. A guitar is a toy for the musical child. A typewriter is a toy for the one that can write. Be happy. That you can learn real things through playing. That learning can be fun. Sure, a typewriter is expensive. Facit Privat, including accessories, costs 450-600 kr. But it comes with a ten year warranty. Children can be tough on their toys. And you can probably borrow it from your children if you promise to be careful. Adults can easily break things.

You can argue that it’s cheeky of us to take advantage of your children just to sell typewriters.

You’re almost right. We want that you should buy a typewriter for your children or for your family or for yourself. But you’d maybe rather buy a new film camera or a railroad or a tape-recorder or a new suit or anything else that’ll cost just as much or maybe more than a typewriter. What you buy depends not only how much money you got or how sensible you are. It depends maybe more on how you think and feel. We want you to get a feel for typewriters. We don’t think that you’ll be disappointed."

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