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22-1-2023 14:58:30  #1

1950's Remington Electric...

If anyone is looking for a 1950's Remington Electric...this one is only $ 20 on FaceBook Marketplace in Eagle, ID. (which is only 10 miles from my home).

I do not know anything about this model and have no thought others, here on the forum, might.


23-1-2023 17:17:27  #2

Re: 1950's Remington Electric...

It's a stunning model. If one turned up that close to me I'd be on the road in minutes, and only because it's the perfect match to one of my favorite Remington portables, the All New Personal Portable (below). I'll admit that I'm a little obsessed with its Art Deco design.

You could of course pair it with any -Riter model too. Unfortunately, I've never seen one in my area - yet. 



24-1-2023 09:03:29  #3

Re: 1950's Remington Electric...

My 1958 Remington Quiet-Riter is in a nice beige/rose color.  If this Electric where in that color, I think I would take a short drive.

But I do think I have enough electrics to keep me busy and I tend to use my electrics with manual CR levers more than the others that are fully electric.

However, if a forum member has serious interest in this machine on Marketplace, I would be willing to do a look-see for them...if the seller offers to ship.

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