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08-2-2023 13:25:22  #1

Shift Happens

This might be of interest to typewriter folks or those interested in early computers: Shift Happens: A book about keyboards by Marcin Wichary — Kickstarter

From the above site: 

“This book has nerdy roots and a lot of thoughts about technology, but its nerdiness centers around people and stories – not technical details. It’s a book about:

- Typists competing during the Shift Wars of the 1880s
- Margaret Longley and Lenore Fenton perfecting touch typing
- Nobel-prize winner Arthur Schawlow building a laser to destroy his typewritten typing mistakes
- August Dvorak – and many others – trying to dethrone QWERTY
- Soviet agents secretly listening to American keystrokes
- Women pouring into offices, eager to do more than typing and re-typing
- People trying to figure out an Australian epidemic of something dubbed “RSI”
- The designers of Backspace, Escape, Shift, Pizza, and many other common (but mysterious) keys. 
- People blending the past and the future to make the best mechanical keyboard today.”



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