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09-2-2023 10:05:40  #1

Brother JP-4 Typebar Electric...

This neat Brother JP-4 Typebar Electric ran on Shop Goodwill this week.

I tried, but was not the winner.

It even has a manual CR lever and I think a paper-injector lever on the right side (but I could be mistaken about that...).



09-2-2023 21:13:03  #2

Re: Brother JP-4 Typebar Electric...

Looks clean


09-2-2023 21:23:11  #3

Re: Brother JP-4 Typebar Electric...


I thought so too.  But I chickened-out at $ 60 with the bidding.  Shipping was going to be another $ 30 on top of that.

It would have been a "catch & release" machine for me as I was more interested in doing a service on it and  a chance to learn about its internals.

I like the simplicity of an electric that still maintain a manual CR lever and other carriage functions.

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12-2-2023 23:42:46  #4

Re: Brother JP-4 Typebar Electric...

Me too. I think that’s part of why I’m liking my SC electric so much. 

I have to say, in the short time I’ve been watching and learning about typewriters, it seems a little crazy how prices can be all over the place for same machines in similar condition. 


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