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24-2-2023 17:57:18  #1

Olympia SM2 bell

I recently got my first typewriter. From what I could find it's an Olympia SM2 from the late 50's. I read a lot of google searches and topics in this forum but could not find a solution for my problem.

The bell of my typewriter is ringing with every key I press. Light ringing within the text and a loud one at the end of the line. 

What could be the problem and how could it be fixed? I saw some YouTube bell fixes but not for my problem... more the opposite. So I thought I ask before I destroy my typewriter.


25-2-2023 04:37:16  #2

Re: Olympia SM2 bell

It is possible that the bell clapper isn't adjusted properly and is vibrating against the bell as you type.  The end of the clapper needs to be far enough away from the bell not to do this, but near enough to ring as you approach the margin.


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