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17-3-2023 15:34:10  #11

Re: Olympia SG-1 shop time

Never did figure out where screw C5 is, but after a thorough cleaning, this thing is typing amazingly well; easily keeping up with me at my fastest. Wonderful typer.

Moving on to other issues: This typewriter is really loud when I have the paper guide down, in its normal position. When I turn it up, the machine quiets right down. I'm thinking it's because it's smacking against the rock-hard platen. When I adjust its resting position so it doesn't make much noise, it's more than a 1/4" off the platen and doesn't prevent paper from curling back around the platen (i.e. it doesn't do its job anymore). 

It looks like there was adhesive on it at some point: Was it normal to have some acoustic felt under this when it came from the factory?

Also, anyone know what the "7.6" means on the segment cover?

Finally: The chrome on the coming off the line advance lever (in a big chunk, too). Is this really chrome, or is this a chrome-looking plastic? I.e. to fix this, do I strip it and chrome it?



17-3-2023 16:17:05  #12

Re: Olympia SG-1 shop time

I am pretty  sure that the underside of the eraser table would have had a thin layer of felt on it.  Thin craft felt, stuck on with contact adhesive (as per the original) or UHU glue should do the trick.  I have never seen an SG1 with '7,6' engraved in that position, but my educated guess is that it is an indicator of the shift pattern, i.e. 7.6mm between upper and lower case characters.  Yes, it is chrome on the linespace lever.  .  A chrome-plated aluminium die-casting.  You could either have it re-plated, or (cheaper option) strip off the chrome altogether, polish it and then apply a coat of clear lacquer


18-3-2023 21:41:54  #13

Re: Olympia SG-1 shop time

I think you may have it. When I set my calipers at 7.6mm and set it on the type slugs, I see:

Thanks for the tips! I'll give them a try. (I might wait on the rechroming until I have more parts that need that - it's serviceable as it is now).

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