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04-5-2023 12:25:03  #21

Re: Olympia SG-1 shop time

Yep. I've got some ABS. It's a little harder to print with than PLA because it shrinks quite a bit as it cools, but still doable (I used it to make cell-phone holders for the car). I've also got PETG and some carbon fiber infused PLA as well. Theoretically, I could print with nylon as well (I've some ideas for brackets & such to tidy up the engine compartment of our '76 BMW), but I've not yet tried that. 

PLA is really easy to print, so I started with that, and then will see if, how, and where it breaks and decide from there. Orientation is another thing I wonder about as 3D printed parts shear easily in one plane, while being strong in the other directions. If the part shears off in that plane, I'll try a different orientation to print it on (which may make cleaning up the part a little harder).

That said, there is a CNC at work. This project makes me tempted to go through the certifications so I can get access to it (and learn how to use it) so I can try to fabricate the part in steel.

(I seem to collect hobbies like I collect typewriters...)


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