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03-3-2023 21:51:23  #1

flat feed rollers

Can flat feed rollers cause problems that include the line you're typing on move slightly up and down?  I've just got a Remington noiseless typewriter and on some the lines I type, the characters start off straight but soon arch upwards just a little bit.  


04-3-2023 11:15:17  #2

Re: flat feed rollers

Hi S.R.

Welcome to the forum. Flat feed rollers and hard platens do not help when it comes to keeping the type straight on the paper. Feed roller tension (or lack thereof) against the platen can cause the paper to not track true. I have also seen the rubber sleeve of the platen come loose on its wooden core which tends to make things go a little wonky.

The other issue that I have seen on these vintage Remingtons is the line index detent roller can sometimes develop flat spots, lose spring tension or be all together missing. When you advance the paper by turning the right platen knob, you should feel a positive click with each line advanced as the detent roller engages into each notch on the ratchet wheel. Hope this gives you a few ideas of places to look for possible problems. All the best,


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05-3-2023 10:27:56  #3

Re: flat feed rollers

Some links to Remington repairs and adjustments that might help you.

There are lot's of tiny parts and springs that can launch so when taking apart.
For example: this is from a Smith Corona Series 6. Pic is just to give an idea of the innards.


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