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01-9-2014 22:35:19  #11

Re: 1935 Royal Model 10 KH

Going by the serial numbers close to 200,000 were made, and I'll bet that there are many of them still around. However, the point is that there are a limited number of people who collect typewriters in the world, and even if some of them were specifically looking for a KH, such a limited demand wouldn't drive the price of a KH anywhere near the prices that you've seen being asked. It is not, as Mike pointed out, a highly desirable machine for a collector.

As far as non-collectors are concerned, most buyers (and sellers) don't know anything about typewriters, or what they're worth, and certainly couldn't tell you the difference between an H, KH, or KHM model. All they see is an old typewriter and assume - incorrectly - that it must be work a lot of money because it's an antique. And most get their prices from those who have just asked the moon for what they thought was something rare.

I have close to 200 machines in my collection and I can count on one hand how many I've paid over $100 for one, and even then most of that price was the cost of getting it shipped to me. The average price I pay for a machine is $30. which realistically is what an unrestored KH is worth. To get a standard Royal anywhere near the $500 level you would have to perform a full tear-down restoration on it and find the right buyer who can appreciate the labour that went into such a rebuild.

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Re: 1935 Royal Model 10 KH

Some 186,000 between the models H and KH, according to the same source. Compare to, say, the year 1906, when only 1,000 typewriters were made.


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Re: 1935 Royal Model 10 KH

Ah okay. So this machine in good condition can be sold around $100? I'm gonna keep it around. It's gonna take time but i bet this would start getting some value compared to a royal KHM. They Obviously made more. I'm never selling it but i just wanted to see what its worth for fun. It's a beauty to type with and I like it's typeface better than my 47' De Luxe. My 36' Woodstock's looks pretty close.

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Re: 1935 Royal Model 10 KH

This is true for any collectible: the value of any given piece is what the seller and buyer agree it is. There are lots of psychological factors that influence the buying of a collectible, and thus the relative value of the same piece will vary from person to person, depending on how much each buyer wants to get that particular object. So don't despair; the prices we've mentioned are merely a reference based on what we, as collectors, have bought / sold typewriters for a while; but that doesn't mean  you can't sell a typewriter for more. It just won't be a quick sale, because you'll have to find a buyer willing to pay your price.

This is also why most collectors refrain from giving "appraisals" online.


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