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06-3-2023 08:56:22  #1

SM9 1970 vs 1977

This might be of interest only to me, but I have been wanting to take this pic for some time: side-by-side 1970 and 1977 SM9s. Both completely unremarkable machines, pica etc, but I feel like you can really see the progression of the industry here as Olympia worked to stay profitable under pressure.



06-3-2023 11:20:42  #2

Re: SM9 1970 vs 1977

The other major change with these later SM9's is the loss of the Tab set & clear key-tops on both sides of the space bar.  Tab set/clear functions moved to the metal lever on the left side and those previous touch-controls moved back to under the body cowling as they were with the early SM7's.


24-3-2023 09:15:30  #3

Re: SM9 1970 vs 1977

Interesting comparison.  Thanks for posting.  I have a 1971 SM9 (and a 1956 SM3).  I have read several comments that the SM9 was boring or unremarkable.  If I could only keep one of my 12 typewriters, it would be the SM9.  Great type quality, lack of drama, reliability, modern lines, quality build.


24-3-2023 11:31:57  #4

Re: SM9 1970 vs 1977

Penhurion wrote:

I have read several comments that the SM9 was boring or unremarkable.

I think operas are boring and unremarkable.   That says more about me than it does operas.

I like the SM9, even though the touch is...not my style.  It has a clean look.  I would trust it to hold up under heavy use.   


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