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09-3-2023 15:01:40  #1

Montgomery Ward Signature 513 (Brother JP-3) Flying Carriage Issue

This is a Brother JP-3 that is a lot bigger than most Brothers and I am guessing somewhat rare. I got this from SGW cheap and I suspected some issues but this flying carriage issue has me baffled.  I am at an impasse as to what the problem is, as I have removed the escapement assembly (with a lot of difficulty), cleaned  all parts very thoroughly...nothing appears, to me, at least to be missing, that includes all screws, nuts and springs.   Space bar ,key press and backspace will secure the carriage but otherwise not.  The star wheel gear is definitely engaged in the carriage rail.  There are 3 adjustment screws with lock nuts...I have played with them at different settings but so far no success.
I am hoping someone who has worked on this type of machine can offer some advice and guidance.  It could be something simple that I am missing.


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