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16-3-2023 18:29:14  #1

S-C 250 In-Coming...

This Smith Corona 250 came in a week or so ago...but too blasted cold to do much with it.

Today we warmed up to 50*F, so the 250 had its first day of spa-day in my garage.

This is the non-Secretarial version of the 250.  However it does have the taller (and longer) rubber feet on the bottom and it has the 2-stage motor which kicks into high-speed for the power return.  But metal body panels are not the heavy-duty ones on the Secretarial 250 and the rubber rollers on the paper bail are not the jumbo-sized as on the Secretarial 250.

Speaking of power return...its white key-top (shown in the SGW photo) was missing and no where to be found in the shipping box or packaging.  No worry...I had parted out a 220 so had lots of spare parts.  I think its new black-coloured power return key-top looks a bit better.

(My Blue Olympia SM7 that come from SGW was also missing its return-key during the packing and shipping process.)

I also had the ribbon cover off of that parted-out gave it a paint job in a nice tan/khaki colour.

This new 250 had a bit too much grey-on-grey going on for my tastes.

The 250 got a thorough cleaning and light lube, new ribbon (blue/red nylon) on old metal spools, and new small drive v-belts. 

Return is a power-return and the space bar is single-space if you press it only 1/2 way down or a full repeater if you press the space-bar to its bottom limit.  Same with the power back-space.  One at a time or full repeater if you hold it down.

Still need to figure out why the Tab-set does not seem to establish new settings for a Tab.  Tab and Tab clear work fine.

The machine weighs in at 19.4 lbs.  IIRC...these 250's were sold without cases as an office machine.

Tomorrow I will get all the cowlings screwed in place and the newly-painted ribbon cover back on its hinges.  More photos to follow...then.



19-3-2023 08:40:38  #2

Re: S-C 250 In-Coming...

Congratulations on a new "typer". These things are built like tanks! SGW is an amazing value source and some great deals there are to be had!
In suspense to see what the results are from a pro restorer.


28-3-2023 18:26:29  #3

Re: S-C 250 In-Coming...

Congratulations! Where do you get your v belts?


29-3-2023 09:08:17  #4

Re: S-C 250 In-Coming...


I just used o-rings like I did on my Electra 120 and Electra 220. 

Get those here in the USA from McMaster-Carr on-line.

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29-3-2023 09:13:47  #5

Re: S-C 250 In-Coming...

The small v-belts were noisy so I went back to o-rings. 

But I get my v-belts from this place...they even have cogged, v-belts if you need those in the future.

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29-3-2023 10:45:34  #6

Re: S-C 250 In-Coming...

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01-4-2023 18:37:41  #7

Re: S-C 250 In-Coming...

Weather was I was able to finish up the Smith-Corona 250.

Nice machine to use, and the power return is surprisingly mild even with its 2-speed motor set-up.

I am glad I added a new colour to the ribbon cover.

This one is a "keeper".

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01-4-2023 19:30:38  #8

Re: S-C 250 In-Coming...

Excellent choice for the ribbon cover color. It looks entirely period and natural and more interesting than the grey flannel suit it wore. Really nice choice. 


02-4-2023 08:10:35  #9

Re: S-C 250 In-Coming...

Looks great Pete. The three solid colors are a plus.



03-4-2023 12:21:59  #10

Re: S-C 250 In-Coming...

Thanks guys...I like tweaking colors now and then.

I have had this 1974 Olympia electric since this past Dec. 2022.

Thinking about doing its ribbon colour in the same khaki/tan...but have held off for now.

Either that colour and a nice robin's egg blue like I did on my 2nd. Traveller...

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