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18-3-2023 11:01:51  #1

Underwood No 5 - caps-lock lever broken?

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen!

I recently acquired my first typewriter.
It's an Underwood No 5, presumable from 1911.
Yes, it is not rare or special by any means since there should be plenty of them around;
But I don't care. I saw it, fell in love with it's looks and I thought it deserved a good home, so I bought it.

I especially love that it has white keys (black seems more common for the Underwoods), which have an almost ivory look to them.
That Edwardian-Era color scheme of black, gold and the white just speaks to me and I find it very appealing.

Anyway... I am completely new to this, but I ironed out several issues it had to the best of my abilities, replaced the ink ribbon, gave it some love and attention and gave it a cleaning as far as my limited time permitted it.
It already looks nice and shiny, but needs another thorough cleaning later.

The main problem it has is that the tray gets stuck in the upper-case-position once I press one of the shift-keys.
It only returns to the lower-case-position once I hit the caps-lock lever which sits on the bottom right.

This lever is supposed to switch between caps-lock operation and normal shift-keys:
If you set it into caps-lock, after pressing any of the two shift keys, letters will stay upper-case until you hit one of the shift keys again.
If it is set to normal operation, the tray returns to lower-case if you release the shift-key.

Unfortunately, the lever is broken and sits somewhere below the keys (see pictures). I have to reach in between the keys to reach it. It is supposed to be up there where you can reach it.

If the tray is suck in uppercase-position, i can reset it to lowercase by reaching to the caps-lock lever and pressing it down... but this is not practical for typing, of course.

Any help would be appreciated, it would be a shame if this beautiful machine could not be fixed. 



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