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26-4-2023 17:58:32  #1

How to get rid of oily smell?

Occasionally, I purchase a typewriter and there is a pervasive oily smell. Often the machine works fine and there is no evidence of excessive oil or gunk...just a smell of oil.  How do you get rid of this smell?
Any suggestions welcome. 


27-4-2023 03:12:29  #2

Re: How to get rid of oily smell?

You could try putting both the typewriter and its' opened carry case outside on a very sunny day.  Strong sunlight and fresh air does seem to remove some smells.


27-4-2023 08:16:54  #3

Re: How to get rid of oily smell?

I always start with a good cleaning with denatured alcohol (from the paint department) and my air compressor.

If your machine has old felt pads, maybe the oil saturated them ?  You might need to replace those, then.


27-4-2023 11:49:40  #4

Re: How to get rid of oily smell?

Stinky typewriters can range in "smells" from chemical oils and solvents, to nasty pungent perfumes and colognes, to funky cigarette smoke that permeates the wool like insulation inside, etc, etc.
Varying degrees of cleaning and refurb:
Complete body part removal, casing, platens, etc, all plastics that can be removed, etc.
Then, chemical wash of the innards with air compressor and brushing as needed, followed by denatured alcohol and further brushing and air blowing.
Then, air dry, left out.
If the typewriter is still stinky after the above, then up to several weeks in a very large rubbermaid bin with lid, stuffed with new crumpled up newspapers.
The toughest odors to remove are colognes and nasty perfumes, as well as cigarette smoke, or worse, cigars, which pervades everything.

I hope this is helpful.
The Denatured Alcohol really helps get rid of the chemicals and oil smell, "after a thorough solvent wash".


27-4-2023 11:51:03  #5

Re: How to get rid of oily smell?

Also, much of the time, the inner felt pads that are glued or tar glued to the inner body panels stay stinky forever.  They can be soaked then removed, then replaced or left out on the rebuild.


27-4-2023 17:46:54  #6

Re: How to get rid of oily smell?

Thanks everyone...very helpful suggestions. 

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