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28-4-2023 17:54:33  #1

Brother Charger 11 -- perplexing problem

I have been servicing my recent thrift shop purchase -- Brother Charger 11 -- and have encountered an unusual problem...and I need some advice. Everything works well on the typewriter -- it needed a cleaning and new ribbon but generally no mechanical problems. However, I did encounter one perplexing problem: on the top row of keys, the number 2 key (far left) and the dash/asterisks key (far right) are both sticking...and I have tried every trick in the book (repeated flushing with denatured alcohol, toothbrush scrub, etc.) to get them to move freely, but nothing is working.  Is it coincidence the two top row end keys are sticking or is there some mechanical explanation for this issue that is unique to this model of typewriter?  As I said above...all other functions are working really well. Any advice welcomed. 


29-4-2023 03:29:00  #2

Re: Brother Charger 11 -- perplexing problem

Those two typebars could well be very slightly bent and either sticking in the guide or in the segment slot.  To test if the problem is the guide, insert a piece of white paper immediately behind the guide and raise each typebar in turn whilst 'sighting' where it contacts the guide using a strong light.  If the typebar is bent further down and scraping the side of the segment slot, you may have to remove it and hammer it flat - which is quite an art.


29-4-2023 10:36:04  #3

Re: Brother Charger 11 -- perplexing problem

Also, check to see if the linkages at any point in full travel, from rest to strike, are rubbing up against the next linkage over (inward).  It's possible that those linkages are not aligned for clear travel and interferring.

Also, check the linkage pivot points, where they thicken on the "rivets/pins" for clearance with adjacent pivot points, and follow each from the segment "short side" where it contacts the slug arm, and then follow them out.


29-4-2023 19:39:59  #4

Re: Brother Charger 11 -- perplexing problem

Thanks everyone. I managed to fix the problem. Repeated flushes, blowing air, and a very slight bend of the type bars. I still find it odd, however, that the only two keys that were sticky were the ones on the far left and far right of the top row of keys. Odd coincidence. 

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