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08-5-2023 14:23:37  #1

Smith Corona Clipper or Hermes 3000

Hello, I am thinking of purchasing a second version Hermes 3000 typewriter from the 1960s, but I am also thinking of purchasing a 1940s Smith Corona Clipper. Would somebody please tell me which one they think is better in their opinion; and which one is more reliable.


09-5-2023 07:49:22  #2

Re: Smith Corona Clipper or Hermes 3000


Seems like an apples to pineapples comparison.  That is. 1940's tech versus 1960's tech.

For regular, daily use and work...I think the advanced features of the Hermes 3000 is the winner, IMHO.

Hermes 3000 gives you Tabulator functions and probably other features that the Clipper does not have.

If you are seduced by the look of the Clippers in the late 1940's, go for the fully feature-loaded S-C Silent Super from the 1950's.


09-5-2023 11:58:25  #3

Re: Smith Corona Clipper or Hermes 3000

Both are good machines that perform well and can be a pleasure to own, but as Pete pointed out, they check off very different boxes. The only way I could suggest one over the other would require knowing more about your desired criteria for a portable typewriter.

In terms of reliability I would never claim that one is better than the other, not when we're talking about used typewriters that can vary wildly in their condition and service history. I personally would not be concerned about the reliability of either - the machines' condition being equal. I have a pair of Clippers and the Media 3 variant of the 3000, and have not experienced issues with them.



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