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10-5-2023 21:53:57  #1

Replica segment picks

Paul Lundy of Bremerton Office Machines looks to have commissioned Bob Powell of Metal Zcreature ( to produce some replicas of Ames segment picks ( and is selling them for $20 + shipping and tax.

I'm not affiliated; just forwarding it along in case anyone is interested.


11-5-2023 03:32:02  #2

Re: Replica segment picks

If you don't want to buy a segment pick, you can easily make one by grinding down an old typebar and fixing the end into a wooden handle with some epoxy resin.  That's what I was taught to do when I was an apprentice nearly 50 years ago, and I am still using mine.  Having said that, the Bremerton item looks to be good quality and a nice tool to have.


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