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09-8-2014 20:22:48  #11

Re: Restored 1917 Corona 3 typewriter

Yeah, could be. Funny that not all the keys are the same color, though. But then again, maybe the ones with a lighter shade were replaced at some point.

Very interesting detail!


10-8-2014 01:16:25  #12

Re: Restored 1917 Corona 3 typewriter

true.......but also maybe the orange faded from the darker orange? but your theory of the yellowing can be possible. I'm gonna put a compound on them to shine them so i will see if they are white or orange.


21-9-2014 20:26:59  #13

Re: Restored 1917 Corona 3 typewriter

I think what has happened with your keys is just the paper inside aging at different rates. It seems to be common on machines like the Corona 3 and Underwood 5, which have white cardboard/paper inserts. I have never heard of a machine like that with original orange keytops, but I could be wrong

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