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07-8-2014 07:17:54  #1

Drawstring from a Imperial Good Companion 6 (1962)

Hi there,

I've recently bought an imperial good companion 6. Turns out the drawstring has snapped. This is my first typewriter (and certainly first repair attempt!) and its somewhat unclear where the string is meant to go - i.e how is it meant to be threaded back round the components and re-attached?

Here are some photos. If anyone has a working one with photos or could advise at all, i would be very grateful!

Warning, large photos below!



12-8-2014 10:27:00  #2

Re: Drawstring from a Imperial Good Companion 6 (1962)

In  your last photo (0808) you can see to the bottom right of the drawband drum a pulley. The drawband goes from the drum, around that pulley, and then travels under the carriage to conncect to the point where the other end of the broken drawband is still connected.

You may have to replace the drawband (I use fishing line) as it might not be long enough to reuse. You will also have to adjust the tension on the drawband; some drums have a way to increase the tension, others do not. Try searching the web for hints on performing this. It can be tricky and it will require patience. 

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Re: Drawstring from a Imperial Good Companion 6 (1962)

Thank you. You're quite right. I've bought some fishing line and am now in the process of tieing it back on to the end (I think i will wait for an extra pair of hands to get home to help me).

My understanding is that you wind the drum 3-4 times first (so it has tension), then tie the drawband back on. The most useful thing i found on the internet was that it must go round a pulley (as you mentioned) then a STRAIGHT LINE to the point the old one was fixed. After i knew this, it was fairly simple to work out the route it should take.

I'll post some photos of the working machine when its finished. Thanks again!

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