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08-8-2014 03:19:25  #1

1920 Corona #3 Before Restoration

   Here's my new addition to my collection. This baby was very very caked with dust.....rust.what ever you can think of. Even hair from what it appears to be a stuffed animal. I bought this for $30 on craig's list.
   The pics you wil see shows that I already have done a ton of work on this. Pretty much the rust is off this. It needs the paint restored, a new carriage string, maybe a new platen, and I need some rubber heat shrink tubing to put rubber on the roller. I was using a wire brush to clean every piece of metal from inside to out. It will a big pain to put a new carriage string on. Here's some pics.


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13-8-2014 14:15:57  #2

Re: 1920 Corona #3 Before Restoration

Perhaps this could help with the drawstring replacement:


15-8-2014 13:03:56  #3

Re: 1920 Corona #3 Before Restoration

Well I need a mainspring replacement now.

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