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14-11-2023 17:48:50  #1

Olympia SF From 1975 Yugoslavia...

Went to a near-by antiques mall (that had 30-35 seller stalls) here in Boise Idaho.

Found this nice little machine with a perfect case marked as "Does No Work" with a price tag of $ 25 USD.

Besides a good clean and service and new ribbon...the reason it was not working was the carriage lock mechanism was not releasing.  Sorted that and now it is airing out in my garage after its spa-day. 

Works perfectly.  Nice 10 pci type which is easy on my eyes.

Made in 1975 in Yugoslavia and it is full featured (i.e. 2-colour ribbon and touch control), but with no "Traveller" badging at all. 


14-11-2023 18:11:03  #2

Re: Olympia SF From 1975 Yugoslavia...

Great score! I've been on the look out for one of those, maybe a green one. 

- Be kind 

14-11-2023 18:30:11  #3

Re: Olympia SF From 1975 Yugoslavia...


One of the things I do on these Travellers and SF's is to add peel & stick felt under the ribbon cover and a 3/4 section of felt to the interior of the bottom panel...not having felt directly under the key-tops.

Figured I can shake out my cookie crumbs easier that way.

It does not make them really any quieter, but seems to change the metallic tone to that of a wooden, hollow log which my ears like more.

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18-11-2023 13:21:48  #4

Re: Olympia SF From 1975 Yugoslavia...

Did these 2 mock-ups via a paint-software tool.

Forgive my shakey paint-job with my PC mouse...I did not stay within the lines very precisely.

2 possible colours to add to the ribbon cover.


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18-11-2023 14:12:11  #5

Re: Olympia SF From 1975 Yugoslavia...

My vote goes to the red version.  Perhaps with red side panels too !


19-11-2023 09:52:39  #6

Re: Olympia SF From 1975 Yugoslavia...

Pete I like the red too. I have an Olympiette with an orange cover that stands out nicely. - George



19-11-2023 10:53:38  #7

Re: Olympia SF From 1975 Yugoslavia...

Hi Tom and George,

For the moment, I am leaning towards the orange-red as well.

But to stay consistent with the other Travellers I have in my collection, I am planning only an add of colour to the ribbon cover.

Here is a photo from Cup-O-Tea web site in the past, when they had such an offering from Holland.

Hi George, I have a similar made-in-Japan "Olympia 3"...that has touch-control and Tabulator with factory-fixed stops along the platen length.

I think paint along the side panels and even the bottom/back panel  at the factory didis a bit too much for my tastes,,,so I go with the ribbon cover, only, on my Traveller machines.

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19-11-2023 11:04:47  #8

Re: Olympia SF From 1975 Yugoslavia...


The colour I am thinking about is more of a true orange-red.  I think the colour rendering I did for my previous post of mock-ups is a bit too red in colour.

This is the orange-red I used on some key-tops on my Royal QDL from 1957.

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19-11-2023 11:36:40  #9

Re: Olympia SF From 1975 Yugoslavia...

Hi Pete,

A week ago I went too a new audiologist and of course they had me fill out a bunch of forms, sitting on an uncomfortable chair, and on a clipboard. I suggested they send the forms out beforehand either via PDF or in the mail for those of us that find handwriting a painful challenge. The office manager said they want it on specific paper. That had me thinking about carrying my nice, bright Olympiette 2 to office visits in professional settings where one is randomly asked to fill out forms. I could then sit there and clack away and make a less than subtle statement.



20-11-2023 10:17:57  #10

Re: Olympia SF From 1975 Yugoslavia...

Looks like I will park this painting project until next Spring.  Our daytime temps are now in the 40* F's and our nightime temps are in the 20* F's.

Not great for painting outside on my driveway.


We can sort of relate.  My wife went to an eye surgeon for a pre-surgery consult.  Their 5 page admit-forms on a clip board where pre-printed in 20 cpi font.

Sort of hard for folks to read when eye-glasses can no longer correct for weak clarity.

They did not even offer table-top magnifiers.  We left and did the forms at home and rescheduled.

I told the front desk how idiotic this was.

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