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23-3-2024 18:56:00  #1

here is a good tool for scanning typewritten pages to Word

Like many of us, I have been looking for a serviceable program to do such a thing for a while, in vain. This one is much better than any other "OCR"-type thing I have tried. Perhaps because it is designed to convert handwriting to text, it is more able to manage typewritten vagaries.

I uploaded a PDF of 4 pp I typed single-spaced on a well-tempered 1964 Hermes Rocket with a good ribbon, and what it gave me back in Word was frankly flawless. I then used spellcheck to remove my hyphens and correct my own typos, which was a quick job. So much better than the gobbledygook OCR has usually given me. I did have to copy and paste it into a new Word doc to access spellcheck and formatting options.

First 10 pp free, 100 pp / month for $10, other options available. I don't know if it uses AI or what--but I plan to keep experimenting with it. I am NOT a rep for this program--but I am certainly a fan. And of course, I am always interested to hear if anyone else has also found a good tool. But it is nice to have one to offer for a change!


28-4-2024 02:06:36  #2

Re: here is a good tool for scanning typewritten pages to Word

Thank you for sharing! I do work both by handwriting (raw manuscripts) and now with a typewriter as well, so this could come in handy, if the free options fail.


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