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03-9-2014 05:52:45  #11

Re: Number "8" and "&" identical on the L.C. Smith - Corona 10?

Thank you Uwe. I will go through the motions of uploading as you described when the time comes. in the event, by some miracle, instead of the long URL's, I can now see the photos uploaded to this thread directly in the window. My own is quite big, since I did not know I had to pare down the size.

Becasue of space constraints, my collection of typewriters is limited, but I am an enthusiast.
M. Hoehne's machine, used by cipher clerks, sounds intriguing. Perhaps it is a survivor from Bletchley. A lifelong  friend of mine who sadly died recently had a typewriter on which at least half of the types were custom made for him by a firm in London. All kinds of diacritics that don't appear normally on one machine. He worked for the languages department of the BBC.  Do they still make types for order?
I have inherited that machine but have not had time to collect it from the executors. Will do soon and report on it here.


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Re: Number "8" and "&" identical on the L.C. Smith - Corona 10?

I can't wait to see this machine with the custom made slugs, that will be very exciting indeed.

When Michael mentioned transcribing radio communications, I don't think he was talking about anything as exotic as military deciphering. Typewriters were once used by telegram offices and their typists would transcribe messages received by telegraph or radio wave. There were probably many, many thousands of these specific machines in use, so it's not a rarity to come across one.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

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Re: Number "8" and "&" identical on the L.C. Smith - Corona 10?

Fascinating photograph!
Should be compulsory part of the national curriculum.
I will take careful pictures of the custom made slugs at the first avaliable moment.

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