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20-8-2014 06:40:42  #1

Feet not sticky

The rubber feet of my Brother deluxe 750 have hardened over time and now are more like hard plastic than rubber. This means that when I type my typewriter rotates anti-clockwise. This is very annoying. I have temporarily solved this by sitting my typewriter on a rubber mat, but I would like a more permanent solution. Has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it?

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20-8-2014 09:57:09  #2

Re: Feet not sticky

I often have to replace the feet on typewriters because so many have deteriorated past the point of usefulness. I replace them with generic feet - they're actually called 'bumpers' here in North America - which are available at almost any hardware store. You can also order them online; just measure the dimensions of the ones you want to replace and I'm sure you'll find a very close match. 

Some typewriters have very specific feet that you won't find a direct replacement for. In the past I've just bought the closest thing possible and then adapted it to fit.


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