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31-8-2014 14:22:20  #1

Royal Portable Typewriter


I'm a newbie to the typewriter world as well as this forum but, I've found a few issues with my recently acquired machine, a Royal Portable 2nd Model (circa 1930).

I'm wondering therefore, if any of you guys could help me out? I've found that on my machine the Ribbon Virbrator does not move up and down when you push a key and the key instead misses the ribbon and just strikes the platen instead. I've checked the colour select lever and it is set to black, the key however, still misses the ribbon. When manipulating the colour select leaver I can see that the cam moves however, the ribbon doesn't.

Underneath the typewriter, there appears to be a push rod that is loose, one end is not attached to anything and just hangs loose. In addition to this I can push a lever on the bottom of the machine and this will move the ribbon vibrator correctly however, when I push a key nothing seems to strike or connect with this lever in order to move the ribbon. I can also push this lever in a different direction and the colour select lever on the front of the typwriter will move.

Can anyone help me? Maybe someone has an image of the underside of a Royal Portable so I could know where the push rod goes?




01-9-2014 01:13:11  #2

Re: Royal Portable Typewriter

Sounds like you're on the right track. What's the serial number on your machine? I don't have that exact model, but maybe one that is similar enough to help. 

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