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14-3-2019 13:53:50  #51

Re: The American Gallery

My 1948 (going by the serial number) Smith Corona Clipper that I picked up yesterday:

IMG_20190314_161814 by miss KSZ, on Flickr
In original wooden case with detachable top

IMG_20190314_161929 by miss KSZ, on Flickr

IMG_20190313_203609 by miss KSZ, on Flickr

IMG_20190314_162210 by miss KSZ, on Flickr

IMG_20190314_162038 by miss KSZ, on Flickr

IMG_20190314_161959 by miss KSZ, on Flickr
There are elastic bands attached and I'm not sure why this is. They don't seem to have been added just for transport...
It was greasy, sticky and full of dust - still is in some places because I couldn't get it all out yet. Got it fairly cheap because of this (cost a bit more to have it sent over here from the US, hehe). The ribbon is dry, but otherwise decent looking, the platen is rock hard.
Any tips for any improvement are greatly appreciated


14-3-2019 14:19:54  #52

Re: The American Gallery

MissKSZ, those elastic bands were added just for transport. They hold the carriage release levers in the released position, which effectively disconnects the carriage from the escapement so that forces from jostling or hits to the carriage during shipment will not be transferred to the rather delicate escapement. This is similar to the intention of the carriage lock (which I think this machine also has) but is more positive because locks sometimes jiggle out of place. Of course, now there has to be some way to hold the carriage in position during shipment, to prevent the carriage from moving all the way left; I suppose the shipper also took care of that.

I can't think of any operational purpose the elastic would serve.

It looks very good. You must have cleaned it before the pics. Have Fun!


25-4-2019 21:52:38  #53

Re: The American Gallery

Just restored a trashed Luxco typewriter stand, and using it to display my 1941 SC Model 3A and 1954 SC Model 5T...both 100% functional.  Enjoy! are the pics...rookie error.  Sorry!


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Re: The American Gallery


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Re: The American Gallery


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Re: The American Gallery

]Underwood Analog Word Processor[/url] by JOHN EARLEY, on Flickr


07-5-2019 11:02:13  #57

Re: The American Gallery

John Earley wrote:

1935 Model 0 Portable Typewriter by JOHN EARLEY, on Flickr

The link said Corona but it's actually a Royal.


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Re: The American Gallery


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Re: The American Gallery


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