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03-10-2014 15:54:52  #1

Lettera 22 escapement woes

Does anyone have any good advice (hopefully with pictures) about getting at the escapement of a Lettera 22? The wee machine wants to work, and I have made a bit of progress freeing whatever jam is going on in there, but I need to get inside it to finish the job.


03-10-2014 16:54:37  #2

Re: Lettera 22 escapement woes

I assume you've removed the bottom plate of the machine?

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03-10-2014 19:03:03  #3

Re: Lettera 22 escapement woes

Bottom plate, shell .... He/she sits on my desk naked to the world. It looks to me like I can only get in from the top. I unfroze a Facit escapement this week, and the carriage came off in lovely modular fashion. I can get a pinky on the star wheel, but not enough to turn it.

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04-10-2014 11:15:39  #4

Re: Lettera 22 escapement woes

Sounds like you need to remove the carriage then, a task that ranges from stupidly simple on some machines to extremely frustrating on others. I've used all kinds of gadgets from syringes to Q-Tips to get at an escapement that just needed a little cleaning and oiling, all to avoid removing the carriage, with varying levels of success, but sometimes it just has to come off the machine. Good luck!

The pronoun has always been capitalized in the English language for more than 700 years.

04-10-2014 19:27:05  #5

Re: Lettera 22 escapement woes

Thanks for the advice and the luck. I will make good use of both.

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01-11-2016 08:54:01  #6

Re: Lettera 22 escapement woes

Hi. just dragging this thread back up... 

AGH I could SCREAM! 

Just took delivery of a sweet little Lettera 22 - a machine I love but somehow keep selling so often seem to be without one - bought on impulse the other day on you-know-where, because it was ending in a few minutes and was stuck on a knockdown price. It's LOVELY. I reckon used by a good typist who smoked, but took good care of the machine. It's cleaned up lovely. I even thought I might just do some NaNoWriMo on it later today. Well, nearly there.

Then something happened. the carriage just zooms back over to the left, there's no engagement with the escapement, and there's a little spring sitting on the desk. 

I've worked out that the only way to get to the escapement seems to be taking the carriage off. I can;t SEE the escapement. There's one picture that I can find of a Lettera 22 escapement, and it's got the carriage off, and it's in fecking soft focus and doesn't show a spring. 

RWWGreene, did you ever do anything about yours? And/or, does anyone on here know where this spring is supposed to go? I've looked and looked... 

This is the first thing that's ever happened to me on a Lettera 22 that I couldn't just figure out and do. (Aside from when a mainspring snapped virtually while I was holding the machine - that was a dead loss and I sold it on as spares or repairs. I don't want to do that to this one!!!)

Anyway - any advice much appreciated, thanks guys. I could just kick myself. 

Thank you!


02-11-2016 04:40:41  #7

Re: Lettera 22 escapement woes


   I got the carriage off courtesy of a helpful photo tutorial posted on the Yahoo group. I got it back on, too, but it didn't solve my problem. My lovely 22 is currently in pieces in a box.


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02-11-2016 09:30:35  #8

Re: Lettera 22 escapement woes

Oh, how VERY annoying! Sorry to here that. They are really lovely little machines. And I'm really not in a position to have spent even the very reasonable £17 incl postage that this one cost me, but I just really wanted one to type on.

I shone the  light on my phone into it last night, behind gap behind the segment, and I think I can see a place where the spring might go. A bit that moves. It was late last night but today is v bright and sunny, and I'm going to see a) if I can get the spring in, through the tiny gap, and b) whether my guess is right. Otherwise I might have to go find that tutorial...


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