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14-10-2014 19:14:34  #1

SG Owners Club

It's high time that someone started an SG owners club! I've noticed that there are a LOT of members here who own one of these fantastic brutes, so if you have one, post a picture and join the club!



14-10-2014 19:23:38  #2

Re: SG Owners Club

I've actually got two SG3's and one non-working electrified SG3. I only have one on the database but the others will end up there probably some time this week :

I also have a lead on a SG1 that is owned by my middle school, along with a KMG. They have been sitting in the basement for at least a decade, probably longer


24-10-2014 23:09:38  #3

Re: SG Owners Club

I'm proud to say that I can join the club! I just got my SG1 back from Tom Furrier at Cambridge Typewriter today and I'm loving it! This is totally a different expereince than typing on all of the portables that I have used. This is my first go with a standard machine, and let me just say that this seems like it is exactly what a typewriter is supposed to be! 

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24-10-2014 23:12:33  #4

Re: SG Owners Club

I'm bad at reading directions! Here is the photo!

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25-10-2014 17:29:43  #5

Re: SG Owners Club

Woot! Woot!  Nice SG1 you have there Ektagraphic, and welcome to the club! Hey, nice typewriter desk too.


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25-10-2014 17:30:56  #6

Re: SG Owners Club

Thanks! I'm thrilled with this thing! I don't know if I ever will ever be able to settle for anything less! I like the desk...but I still can't seeem to find one that doesn't seem to vibrate quite a bit when I get up to speed typing.


25-10-2014 17:44:44  #7

Re: SG Owners Club

Try a heavier felt pad (I have some that are over an inch thick). And you're right, the SG1 is a standout machine; it's fun to plonk around with portables, but when there's serious writing to be done you need to move to a standard, and the SG1 is a top ten standard.

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15-11-2014 23:45:48  #8

Re: SG Owners Club

The more I type on the SG1, the more I like it!


16-11-2014 00:00:20  #9

Re: SG Owners Club

Agh, quit rubbing it in!  I really want an SG1 but they're rather expensive. And I don't have any money... Not only that, I am forbidden to aquire any more machines. Perhaps for my birthday I'll get one for myself.

A high schooler with a lot of typewriters. That's pretty much about it.

16-11-2014 03:33:05  #10

Re: SG Owners Club

Guess I'm qualified as a member...................
This is the first SG1 I acquired.  Brilliant typer! [rub rub rub]

I also have one with a German keyboard that includes French characters - I guess it was designed for the Swiss market (?).  Carriages are quickly interchangable, so this wide one can be popped on to either when required (which is not very often!).  Never hesitate to grab one of these if you get the chance.

Of course, these things are absolute beasts, and it's a really good idea to set up a permenant position for it; you don't want to be fetching this down from a shelf every time you want to type.

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