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20-9-2019 17:28:27  #171

Re: SG Owners Club

PaulH wrote:

3d printed paper support/gauge to replace the elusive original.

I could use one of these. I have three SG-1s and one doesn't have the paper support.

Time is something you can never get back, use it wisely.

10-11-2019 20:43:52  #172

Re: SG Owners Club

It's been a fantastic year for typewriter acquisition... I've settled in comfortably as an Olympia SM3/4 man.   I just found a lovely blue one, with Senatorial typeface, which types so well I think it must be an example of what the model line felt like new.
However, after playing with, and adjusting that gem... I sat down at my SG1 for a go... and was reminded of just how perfect these machines are.  To anyone reading this, and wondering whether SG1s are worth all the hype... just get one.  There's a perfect mix of weight & swiftness to the keyboard... at first it may feel heavy, but lighten up your stroke, and the type will remain bold.  Lighten up even more, and still the type is clear, but now you're flying!  There's a bit of faith involved, but it is well-rewarded!
Thanks to this forum for turning me on to these amazing machines!


11-11-2019 03:07:06  #173

Re: SG Owners Club

Hi Fragpie, I have the same kind of experience when I sit behind my SG 3. That makes me wonder, should I still get a SG 1?


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