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21-1-2021 05:25:18  #231

Re: SG Owners Club

Thanks Pete. So now we know that the SG could be ordered with different keyboards, custom keyboards, different carriages, different typefaces and... a carbon ribbon attachment. What else? Was there a MILL version? I saw a SM9 MILL once, but never an SG. Oh, before I forget, the SM9 was also offered with reverse carriage (for Arabic), was this also possible with the SG?


21-1-2021 15:52:45  #232

Re: SG Owners Club

Pete E. wrote:

p.s. Same color scheme as the Olympia SM5 from 1963. 

Are you basing this on machines in your collection or on anecdotal evidence? The reason I ask is that I have a pair of 1963 SG1s and a SM5, and the colour is not the same. The photo of the SM5 you posted appears to have the common off-white paint used for that model (I also own a Monica in this colour). Noticeably different, the paint used for the '63 SG1 has a green tint to it. 

At the best of times it can be difficult to rely on the colours shown in online photographs. Camera settings (particularly incorrect ones), light sources, and even the settings of the monitor/screen you're looking at can transform one colour into several grossly different ones. And then there's the question of whether or not the typewriter has been cleaned: as most here can relate to, a white typewriter can actually appear yellow in person when it's paint is buried beneath decades of grunge or has been discoloured by age and UV light.

1963 SG1 paint - PRIOR to deep cleaning:
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21-1-2021 16:12:04  #233

Re: SG Owners Club

Laurenz van Gaalen wrote:

... the SM9 was also offered with reverse carriage (for Arabic), was this also possible with the SG?

By the early '60s Olympia had sales centers in over 140 countries and offered myriad variations of the standard typeface and keyboard, including characters for a number of different languages. I don't see why there wouldn't have been a reverse carriage SG1 given the number of countries and languages (see below) that are written from right to left. I know that I have seen more than one Arabic SG3, but don't recall whether I've ever come across a SG1.

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29-1-2021 13:01:02  #234

Re: SG Owners Club

Well after a week of work, cleaning polishing, fixing, and straightening out the body panel in front of the space-bar, my 1961 Olympia SG1 is ready to work for the next 50 years.

This one costs me a total of $ 95 USD which included shipping to my home.

I did purchase a used ivory-cream colored space-bar for my machine.  As I thought it would break up the "darkness" of the key-tops.

I also have an original paper support on its way to my home and should have it early next week.

This is definitely a machine I can type on for hours-and-hours.  Very comfortable and such a precision machine.  And it lets me type as fast as I possibly can.


30-1-2021 17:35:09  #235

Re: SG Owners Club

This one kept me busy this week... such fun to bring one back to life :

Fix To-Do List : 1. Cleaned exterior.2. Cleaned interior (used 1 full can of PB Blaster)3. Polished all chrome trim and pieces.4. Polished all key-tops and other plastic knobs.5. Straightened out body panel in front of space-bar that was bent.6. Mounted new ivory-colored space-bar.7. Fixed Tab-Clear key that would not return.8. Fixed line-spacer dial (on left side) that had no spring-tension.9. Lubricated paper-injector and mechanism to get rid of noise.10. Polished clear plastic paper guides.11. Polished up replacement paper support and mounted on machine.12. Resolved all sticky type-keys that do not return 100%.13. Replaced 4 rubber washers at frame/body interface.14. Cleaned and treated platen rubber and feed-roller rubber.15. Touched up body panel paint.16. Replaced white rubber grommets on ribbon cover.17. Replaced plastic spools with metal spools and new B/R ribbon.18. Resolved “stuck” space-bar linkage issue at escapement interface.19. Replaced and/or re-attached interior felt pads as needed.20. Added peel & stick felt padding to interior of ribbon cover.21. Cleaned &lubricated ribbon color selector dial & touch control dial.22. Cleaned rubber feet and treated rubber pads.23. Lubricated carriage rails. Lubricated escapement.24. Replaced draw-band and adjusted main spring tension.25. Fixed bell and right margin line-lock malfunctions.26. Re-applied red enamel paint in-fill for “Deluxe” badge at segment.


07-2-2021 18:45:35  #236

Re: SG Owners Club

Received my plastic paper support in the mail.  Decided to mount it backwards on my machine, so in its rest position it would lay flat on the metal paper tray.

In the "right" mounting position, it was staying up, mid-air, about 1/2" and I have some 20 lbs. house cats I was worried they might break the plastic if laying or walking across it.

I like how the plastic has aged to a bit of an amber-color.


11-2-2021 13:37:52  #237

Re: SG Owners Club

Strange that the paper support wouldn't lay flat when mounted correctly. From the sounds of it, that's probably a wise decision when it comes to the reverse mounting. Here's hoping that it stands up (pun intended) to many years of interactions with your furry feline friends.


11-2-2021 14:46:27  #238

Re: SG Owners Club

Hi Guth,

I even looked to see if the 2 metal "hinge" posts got bent out of shape...but could not find a cause.  When warmer Spring weather returns and I can take it outside in the warm, daylight...I will look at it more closely.  But it works as-is for my needs.


11-2-2021 15:43:16  #239

Re: SG Owners Club

Your problems with the paper support not lying flat intrigued me, so I looked into mine. It was lying flat just fine but I was surprised to find that I had mounted it backwards. Now, that bothered me and I wanted to check into your problem, so I turned it around to the correct orientation and it still lies flat. Both ways are freely pivoting and both allow it to move about the same---good support and lying flat. 'cept now I can read the numbers and the stop at the top will curl the paper when it hits, for an extra hint that I'm done with the page.

The one possible difference is that the one on my SG1 came from an SG3. I don't have an original SG1 paper support to compare but they sure seem the same from what I can tell. You had a good idea to check the hinges, though it seems to me that if they are out of position enough to affect it one way, they would affect it the other way, too. Does the up position rest at a different angle?


11-2-2021 16:01:44  #240

Re: SG Owners Club

M. Höhne,

When it is mounted backwards, it is at a 45-degree angle when in its full up position.  See photo, below : 


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