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08-3-2021 18:25:32  #261

Re: SG Owners Club

Hi Uwe,

For the SG1 with the metal paper guides, here is the eBay auction info :eBay item number:    193724291656


09-3-2021 09:20:58  #262

Re: SG Owners Club

Uwe wrote:

I hope that I didn't give the wrong impression

No, not at all.


09-3-2021 15:14:19  #263

Re: SG Owners Club

The mislabeling of typewriters aside, I can easily imagine a situation where a typewriter would perhaps have been modified from it's original state with such high attention to detail that it might appear to be factory correct to all but the most knowledgeable. Things like cars and motorcycles have long been subject to such metamorphosis, so something like a typewriter would not seem out of bounds in this regard. Some people like to change things up to this degree simply for the satisfaction that it brings them

Without a doubt, this community is made up of some incredibly knowledgeable folks. Ironically, the more that I learn about typewriters, the more that I feel out of my element on this site. Or as Einstein (?) put it, the more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know. 



19-3-2021 16:03:16  #264

Re: SG Owners Club

It seems like this mystery machine was an effort to reduce much of the weight of the cast-metal framing members of the SG1 and even the SG3...

Figured I should post up the remaining 2 photos of this machine here on the Forum :


25-3-2021 18:03:06  #265

Re: SG Owners Club

Interesting when a SG1 makes its way to the cover of some piece of pulp-fiction "literature"...



25-3-2021 18:16:19  #266

Re: SG Owners Club

From your personal library?

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25-3-2021 18:56:29  #267

Re: SG Owners Club

Nope, but I like it well enough to print it out on some vintage paper stock and frame it on the wall of my hobby room.



25-3-2021 19:04:30  #268

Re: SG Owners Club

And a different version with all the art-work but with no narratives...


31-3-2021 22:23:53  #269

Re: SG Owners Club

Whatever the origins of this machine, it does seem an exercise in cutting out/down some of the weight/bulk of the SG1 and SG3 machines.

Maybe a prototype effort that proved too Olympia was moving into their electric offerings...???

The carriage of this mystery machine does have some similarities with the carriage on the SGE30 in both the move to a metal paper support and the white plastic carriage release knobs on the left and right side, but moved to the top of the carriage cover.

Maybe a better name might have been SG-Monika...rather than a SG2...???


02-4-2021 12:48:44  #270

Re: SG Owners Club

I just realized that I never posted pictures of my SG1 (I now have 5). I'm looking at Imgur and Flickr for hosting. Does anyone have any experience with either of those for placing images on other websites?



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