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18-10-2014 11:27:41  #1

Starting a blog

Heres the link:

I haven't posted anything yet, but I am planning to do so soon. Thanks for looking! 


18-10-2014 13:33:02  #2

Re: Starting a blog

Very cool! Looking forward to checking it out!


18-10-2014 13:39:36  #3

Re: Starting a blog

Thanks! Just finished the first post

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18-10-2014 13:42:43  #4

Re: Starting a blog

Looks good so far, have fun!

Oh, I should add that mice and typewriters don't mix. I've spent too much time undoing the damage that mice have inflicted upon the typewriters that I've bought. The worst was an SG1 that I bought which must have had a family of mice living in it for years. It was of course a disgusting mess to clean out, but far worse, all that urine ended up seizing many of the machine's moving parts. It's a work in progress still, I've got most of it working, but there are still three typebars that are welded in place.

Stay Safe! 

18-10-2014 17:29:46  #5

Re: Starting a blog

Hah, don't worry. She isn't allowed near any typewriters 

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19-10-2014 08:20:11  #6

Re: Starting a blog

Fun first post! You sound like you must be sort of like I was at 13! Only 19 now, so many things about me were the same back then! I don't know why, but ever since discovering my mom's college typewriter when I was about 5, I never lost my fascination! 


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