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17-11-2014 18:07:34  #1

oliver typewriter???

ok guys, i know i have been asking a ton of questions, im new and learning so sorry for taking over the boards with my questions. the lady i got my typewriter from today, said she has an olvier, i dont know what kind will be getting pics soon. that has all the parts, but needs to be repaired she will let it go for next to nothing. i dont know the excat price. but is it worth the effort to fix up? are they good machines? im thinking the price range will be under $20.


17-11-2014 18:53:59  #2

Re: oliver typewriter???

Oliver made typewriters for decades. I think a model name or photo would be essential before anyone could give you an opinion as to what you're looking at. And don't worry about asking questions; this is a community of like-minded enthusiasts who are happy to encourage and foster the interest of someone new to typewriters.

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17-11-2014 19:06:20  #3

Re: oliver typewriter???

ok i will post a pic or model number when i get some info on it. i should be getting an email hopefully tonight or tomorrow. i will then post it here. thank you for always answering my ?'s

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20-11-2014 15:56:53  #4

Re: oliver typewriter???

ok, i got some info on it, though im not sure its worth it. so i dont know. its $50  for 2 oliver model 9, its rusted and needs parts, hence the 2nd oliver. what do you guys think is $50 too much, its rough needs serious cleaning and rusted and is missing parts. i dont know

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20-11-2014 21:27:14  #5

Re: oliver typewriter???

It all depends on your experience and how knowledgeable (or just plain stupid) you are with typewriters. If you know (or don't know) what you are doing and wish to dive in, then I say go for it. I don't know much about Olivers, but I think they are wonderful curious machines. So I would do it. And for $50, that's pretty good.

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20-11-2014 21:48:35  #6

Re: oliver typewriter???

You have to be careful though -- and I know this from tragic experience -- otherwise you'll end up with a beautiful collection of typewriters that don't work.


21-11-2014 12:46:45  #7

Re: oliver typewriter???

"... needs parts..." Well, it might make a big difference which parts are missing. Some parts are vital and might be hard to find while others are trivial or easy to find or make or you could just do without (like a ribbon cover or pencil holder). You imply that both typewriters are Oliver Model 9s and one is complete; remember that a part missing on one might be broken on the other.

If you want this to be your go-to working typewriter, it's probably not a good buy for you. The Oliver 9 three-bank keyboard and other controls are quirky for modern high volume use. They'll conflict more than usual with your computer keyboard skills. If you want to have a conversation piece, it might be a good choice. In any case you should save them from the landfill now and resell them if you have to.

If it were me, for $50 I would definitely get them. But I like their design and I like to tinker.


21-11-2014 14:06:29  #8

Re: oliver typewriter???

the oliver wouldnt be my main typewriter, i have 2 others, one manual and one electric.
i might just get them then and fix the one, and see if i can restore it

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