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20-11-2016 23:51:36  #11

Re: FS: Royal Model 10

TypewriterKing wrote:

To clarify: A young girl was holding a garage sale. In that sale was the 1916 Royal upright manual typewriter I saw from my car as I was going home from the grocery store. I stopped by to have a look at it. I asked her if I could give her an IBM electric typewriter (it all worked, as I recently reconditioned it) for the Royal she had. She agreed. I then went home to get the IBM, and the young girl and I swapped typewriters, even Steven.

Yes, I'd say that was an even transaction. Given a choice between a century old Royal and a reconditioned model B that would be a tough choice - would depend on whether I wanted more to admire or to type at that moment. You did the right thing to make an even trade even though she might have had no idea the first was worth more than a five spot.

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22-1-2017 18:08:15  #12

Re: FS: Royal Model 10

The little girl's aunt actually brokered the transaction.  I made the swap, and the aunt said she wanted a typewriter too.  It was to be a cash transaction.  I went back to that house the next day with another IBM, and found it to be absolutely empty--no one there!  Apparently they moved.  I have a feeling the aunt talked the little girl out of the IBM--possibly, and hopefully, trading either with cash money or something she would have preferred over a big, hulking electric typewriter.  But, believe me, even then, I wouldn't have thought about cheating either one of them out of anything.  If I had to, I would have "sweetened the pot" a little to make things fair for both of them.  But, as it stood, they got the IBM, and I still have the Royal.  This was well over twenty years ago--and the Royal still types very well.

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