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29-11-2014 06:38:44  #1

Rubbing out!

Hey!  First in the new forum.

I've been hearing about typewriter rubbers for as long as I can remember.  I bought a couple.  They don't work.
What they do do is make a complete mess.  So my question is:
Is anyone here old enough to have used these rubbers (USA 'erasers') in their daily typing, and did they work then?
I'm beginning to think that the examples I have are so old that they have de-natured, and that the test is not fair.  I have also bought brand new ink rubbers - they don't work either.

I have developed a method of erasing typing, but it is only ever hit-and miss, and is never undetectable.

All thoughts on, and discussion of, erasing typing are more than welcome.


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29-11-2014 10:21:22  #2

Re: Rubbing out!

Were the specific typewriter erasers new? Or NOS? I know that erasers will dry out over time and no longer work, so I'm wondering if that's what you're experiencing. I have a vague memory of using them back in the day, and don't recall that they worked so well that the mistake was no longer detectable, which is why correcting film became so popular I suppose.

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Re: Rubbing out!

I used those erasers many years ago when they were new and they worked pretty well, although you needed some skill to develop an easy touch so as not to rough up the paper too much or even wear a hole through it. These were the round ones that could rotate within the metal brush holder. Also used regular ink erasers made for ball point and fountain pens, which also worked OK. All the ones for ink erasing had a sandy grit in them; it seemed like they were scraping the ink--and some of the paper--away. I don't think anyone is still making typewriter erasers, though there may be some made for erasing pen marks, and the old ones you find in a typewriter case are dried out and only good for display now. (Same problem with erasers on old pencils.)

Nowdays, the best solutions seem to be the little cover-up papers like Ko*Rec*Type or Type-Out or other similar ones, unless you don't mind the risks of Wite-Out.

Have Fun!
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29-11-2014 20:51:16  #4

Re: Rubbing out!

Mine were both vintage and NOS. 
I have a good supplIy of TIP-EX papers, which work well on white paper,  but still need to conquer the eraser for coloured papers though.

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Re: Rubbing out!

Since I do a great deal of manual draughting at work, I use a motoraser sometimes to rub out typing. These work simply by spinning a rod eraser very quickly, and can be aimed very accurately.  They have the quality of polishing the paper somewhat as they rub things out.  Not foolproof, and you have to go very slowly and gently, but they can work.  An erasing shield can be used to control the action when required.
Smaller battery versions are available cheaply, though they dont have the 'grunt' of the one pictured above.

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