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07-2-2015 10:06:09  #1

remington rand model 17 kmg

Good morning,
I recently purchased this remington from an antique store.  Everything works, I would like to know if anyone knows how to use the kmg keys?  There was something that someone posted saying, "Move the carriage to the margin, press and hold the KMC key while moving the carriage to the new position then release the KMC key."  Does this sound about right?   The adds I have read say that it is a one key setting to use this key.  Does anyone have more detailed thoughts about this?  I have not tried this because I am cleaning and lubricating the typewriter.


07-2-2015 10:41:38  #2

Re: remington rand model 17 kmg

This sounds like the Magic Margin feature on the Royal KMM and KMG typewriters. I have a KMG, and it seems to me that you're describing Royal's Magic Margin feature. To use that you would go to where you want your margin, press the MM key forward, and the margin would zoom to that spot. If you want to set it further back, you would hold carriage release, press the MM key forward, then move the carriage to the spot you wanted it. I think this may be a rip-off of Royal's MM, because I have read something about that Royal sued Remington and Smith-Corona for having something similar to the Magic Margin. I may be wrong, I do not yet own a Remington 17, but since the 17 was to be competition to Royal's KMM/KMG, I can guess this was their version of the Magic Margin.

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Re: remington rand model 17 kmg

Yes, the margin setting on the Remington KMC (Keyboard Margin Control) is similar to the Royal, which is why Royal forced Remington to remove this feature on subsequent models !  However, where it differs is that the Royal Magic Margin is spring-loaded and the Remington version isn't.  What you read on that post was correct.  You position the carriage to where the margin is (left or right margin), then 'pick it up' by holding the KMC key down.  Whilst continuing to hold the KMC key down, move the carriage to where you want the margin to be - then release the key.  Job done !


09-2-2015 12:54:45  #4

Re: remington rand model 17 kmg

Thank you for the information about the Remington Rand 17.  I did read the article about Royal suing Remington over the MM issue.  When I have the typewriter back in service I will try to set the margins per the information about the KMC key. 

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