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20-2-2015 01:15:37  #1

Pennsylvania/Ohio Repair Shops

Greetings all:

   Looking for a reliable and reasonable repair shop to restore a few of my typewriters.  The latest find, one that I really want to restore to working condition, is a solid Royal # 10. 
   Any leads are greatly appreciated.



20-2-2015 11:58:24  #2

Re: Pennsylvania/Ohio Repair Shops

Welcome to TT, egreis!

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20-2-2015 12:05:31  #3

Re: Pennsylvania/Ohio Repair Shops

It says Pennsylvania/Ohio?


20-2-2015 12:31:13  #4

Re: Pennsylvania/Ohio Repair Shops

KatLondon wrote:

It says Pennsylvania/Ohio?

So it does! I'm not sure how I completely missed the topic heading (it probably has something to do with the way I read through new posts here), but obviously my previous post should be ignored!


20-2-2015 13:34:39  #5

Re: Pennsylvania/Ohio Repair Shops


08-3-2015 10:24:53  #6

Re: Pennsylvania/Ohio Repair Shops

While I haven't used him personally (yet, but am considering purchasing a cover from him), Robert DeBarth is in Pennsylvania and offering typewriter repair services.

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06-4-2015 21:20:42  #7

Re: Pennsylvania/Ohio Repair Shops

There is Your Typewriter and Computer up by akron
here in ohio
there is also Brumfield typewriter in columbus.

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