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13-3-2015 21:54:59  #1

WTB: Owner's Manuals

I've never had an actual owner's manual for any of the models I have owned.

I am looking for:

* Typestar 220-II or Starwriter line manuals
* Olivetti Underwood 378 manual
* Empire Aristocrat manual
* Any Remmington 1920-1950 model manual

(Romanized languages preferred, please. Seeker reads several languages, but mostly romanized ones.)

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14-3-2015 16:18:44  #2

Re: WTB: Owner's Manuals

Hi there, well they are often - I mean occasionally - found for sale... othersie the best place to find users' manuals is here, where you can download lots of them:

A few other websites have a few manuals; googling is the best best. I'd keep some saved searches going on eBay if I was looking for something specific like that, too.

Good luck!


29-6-2015 20:39:51  #3

Re: WTB: Owner's Manuals

If you want the original, try ebay, or theres a few typewriter sites that may sell em.

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