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27-4-2015 17:35:56  #1

FS: 1961 - Swissa Junior Typewriter - Light Green Case

Mind the minute indication of any knowledge of the history of these typewriters. This is education under development. Pictures on the site. Need more resolution, contact me.

1961 - Swissa Junior Typewriter - Light green case - Ribbon - Chrome accents - Great condition

Price: 150 euro (amounts to about 163 USD) excluding shipping.

# Serial number: 6105302
Production year: 1961 (3rd year of production)

Model information: Swiss engineering. The Swissa Junior was manufactured by the Swiss company called Aug. Birchmeier & Son in Murgenthal in the late 50s. Prior to the redesign, the Swissa Junior (also known as Swissa Piccola) was produced in a body style virtually identical to that of the Japy Script. That style, first produced by another Swiss company, Patria, was very common among European manufacturers including Oliver and Voss (Privat model). [source:]

Rarity: Around 60 thousand produced, so in a sense quite rare? But this isn't really fair because the interior (by Patria) has been applied to a wide group of European typewriters. 

History: Swissa Junior has deep roots in the Patria family of portable typewriters. This complicated development started around the 30's in Germany with an invention by Otto Haas. He may have wanted to compete with the Hermes Baby who might have stolen his idea's. Otto's innovation was his interest in applying injection molding for typewriters, and making the products smaller with the same functionality. For more information check here:

Previous user: Second user, bought at an auction.

Condition of Typewriter
Keys: Perfect
Paint: Great. Two marks on ribbon cover.
Decals: Great.
Platen: Great
Construction: Perfect
Function: Perfect

Condition of Case
Lock/Key function: Lock present, no key. 
Exterior (Paint/Canvas): Good condition. Cleaned. Rust removed. Slight wear.
Handle: Good condition.
Construction: Great. Slight movement when closed, but sturdy.

Any extra questions, about shipping and options, let me know.

Digital manual available in German.

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