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27-4-2015 17:40:48  #1

FS: 1940 - WW2 - Rare - Olympia Plana - Brown keys - Includes Case

Mind the minute indication of any knowledge of the history of these typewriters. This is education under development. Pictures on the site. Need a higher resolution picture, contact me.


1940 - WW2 - Rare - Olympia Plana - Brown keys - Includes Case - With key

Price: 330 euro (amounts to about 360 USD) excl. shipping.

# Serial number: 17434
Production year: 1940 (pre-WW2, rare, early years of model version)

Model information: Olympia Plana, was the first attempt for Olympia at creating a really portable typewriter. It has a very clean vibe to it. The design is to the point, smooth, no distractions. When it was first released, it was fairly new in terms of size, smaller than most, without losing the functionalities seen in standard typewriters. The bakelite exterior looks great. You really get the impression that bakelite molding (versus aluminium/steel) allowed for more innovation in terms of style/design. 

Rarity: Around 80 thousand were made, in various colours and decal styles across 11 years. This model is from the first couple of years, just when the war broke out and production slowed. 

History: Olympia was a German manufacturer of typewriters. After a number of former employees fled to West Germany after the war they set up camp and reinstalled the company name Olympia. However in the time this typewriter was in production they were still stationed in the East. If you look closely at the database serial numbers during these years, you'll find that the production numbers were very low. Most people were probably focussed on the war.

Previous users: Second user. Bought at an auction. 

Condition of Typewriter
Keys: Great.
Paint: Great
Decals: Great
Platen: Great
Construction: Good. The bakelite is damaged on one corner. Common for these typewriters, especially from the start of the war. Inspite of the frame issue, the typewriter works great.
Function: Great. Very light.

Condition of Case
Lock/Key function: Good, working, key present.
Exterior (Paint/Canvas): Good. The canvas has been repainted lightly. No major tears in canvas material.
Handle: Good, worn. Leather.
Construction: Great. Light, wood.

Digital manual can be found online. 
Any extra questions, about shipping and options, let me know.

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Re: FS: 1940 - WW2 - Rare - Olympia Plana - Brown keys - Includes Case

TheHammersmith wrote:

History: Olympia, originally, is an East Germany manufacturer of typewriters.

Olympia was not an East German company originally. It was a German company that unfortunately found its Erfurt factory located in the east zone when the allies carved up the country after the war.

The pronoun has always been capitalized in the English language for more than 700 years.

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Re: FS: 1940 - WW2 - Rare - Olympia Plana - Brown keys - Includes Case

Well said.

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