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29-1-2014 15:40:01  #41

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome! I wouldn't mind seeing a few photos of your display if you feel up to sharing them in a new thread.

29-1-2014 19:08:57  #42

Re: New Member Thread


I'd be happy to. I have a little more work to do before the "Unveiling"!


13-2-2014 13:31:56  #43

Re: New Member Thread

Hello, I just joined the forum and currently have two Olivetti Studio 46 typewriters.  The first one is a European model (based on the keys) and is an all-metal housing while the second is, I believe, a Hispano version since it's an all-plastic body and housing along with various dead accent keys and an upside down question mark among other things.

I decided to purchase a typewriter to write letters to friends and family as I was of the mind that email just wan't any fun and my handwriting is just, well, awful.  So, I thought - "hey, typewriter."

It's been fun so far.




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13-2-2014 15:23:48  #44

Re: New Member Thread

Hi Conorb. Welcome to TT!

Maybe you could start a new thread in the Portable sub-forum to discuss your Studio 46 as this thread is really just meant for new members to introduct themselves. Maybe you could post a photo of the springs in your machine there too, which would help sourcing replacements.
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14-2-2014 05:19:29  #45

Re: New Member Thread

conorb wrote:


Hello and welcome!


14-2-2014 06:50:06  #46

Re: New Member Thread

Hi guys, I'm Matt, and I have a beige lettera 22. I'm always on the lookout for an olivetti lexikon 80, because they look so awesome (speaking of which, why are they being sold for £90- £300? Seems absurd to me). Not sure what else to say, so I'm going to be quiet now.


14-2-2014 10:26:43  #47

Re: New Member Thread

Hi Matt. Good typer the Lettera 22. As for the cost of the Lexikon 80, it is of course a regional thing, but my theory with most standard machines (aside from those from the first few decades of the last centurey) is that more of them were disposed of when they became obsolete office equipement. As a result there is a smaller supply of them than portable machines, which could command a higher asking price. Don't be afraid to start a thread on the L80 in the Standard forum; I agree, it's a very groovy machine and if I ever came across one locally for a reasonable price I would jump on it.
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20-2-2014 22:58:45  #48

Re: New Member Thread

Hi everyone!

My name is Leah. I have to admit I never thought much about typewriters before. I've always found them interesting but I admired from afar. Until I stumbled across one in an antique store. It was old and very obviously used and I had to have it.  The guy at the store could not tell me much about it.  I took it home and cleaned the dust off the surface and played around with it quite a bit. Some of the keys stick but it's in otherwise good condition and it works. After some research and finding the serial number I've discovered that I own a Royal KMM magic margin made in 1940. I love it and I want to take good care of it.  That's what brought me here.

I also can't wait to read and learn more about other models.

'One's art goes as far and as deep as one's love goes.'

21-2-2014 01:57:22  #49

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome Leah!
I hope you post photos of your typewriter soon.
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20-3-2014 14:55:29  #50

Re: New Member Thread

my name is Thomas and my first typewriter just arrived today.
It's an Olympia typewriter, I'm guessing an SM3. It's a little "buggy" (can't find a better word for it). Was hoping to learn how I could right it, seeing my first few hours with it has been a bit dampened by it's defects.


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