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13-7-2018 17:48:11  #731

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome, GramsRoyal. There's a lot here. You might like to know that on of the biggest names in this field is a printer. Ted Munk created and manages the Typewriter Database at:  as well as his personal blog at:  Don't miss any of it.

Have Fun!


18-7-2018 11:30:05  #732

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome GramsRoyal! Nice to see another local person on here!

Smith Premier 4 typewriters are cool!

24-7-2018 02:27:30  #733

Re: New Member Thread

Hi TypeHeads. My first post here. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I tried to purchase my first typewriter at the weekend, a Remington Noiseless Portable, but twice failed. How come? Well, one of the best second-hand bookshops in Edinburgh, Mcnaughton's, has a corner devoted to typewriters, run by the guy at He was absent from his post, so the bookshop seller let me try the one that appealed most to my eye, the aforementioned RNP. I fell instantly in love. But I had to wait for the typewronger guy to return. I waited, and waited, but he didn't return. I left without it, but with his email address. When we did make contact, he said the RNP was not for sale, as it belonged to his grandfather..

So I looked online, and discovered a refurbished one for sale at the typewriter-emporium in London. I bought it online, and they took my money. That was late Saturday. On Monday morning I thought I'd give them a call to find out if the ribbon was new, only to be told that a "one in a million" event had occurred, amid much confusion. Another guy called Rob had bought it at exactly the same moment! He lives in the Far-East. Two guys run the store, one sold to Far-East-Rob who had telephoned-in his order, the other looked after the online orders. Too late for me, the the other guy was quicker. Tall story? They are offering me all sorts instead of what I asked for, but have offered to return my money.

So, as of Tuesday morning, I have no typewriter. Hopefully that situation will change soon! In the meantime I've become aware of the typeosphere, and have enjoyed reading posts on a variety of blogs, and many posts to this excellent forum. See you around!



24-7-2018 12:37:18  #734

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome to the forum, Rob! 

You might not be having any luck with the Remington Noiseless, but that doesn't matter; there are thousands of other models to pick and choose from. Since it would be your first machine, I suggest that you buy one locally that you can try first and not get one online. It would help to foster your enthusiasm for typewriters if your first one works well and doesn't need repairs or is missing parts.

Stay Safe! 
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24-7-2018 15:45:01  #735

Re: New Member Thread

Thanks, Uwe. I got my money back this evening, and will see what I can find locally, as you suggest. There's no hurry. Cheers.


26-7-2018 10:46:18  #736

Re: New Member Thread

Ignoring Uwe's excellent and learned advice (sorry, Uwe!) I couldn't resist an SM3 Deluxe on ebay, and await it's arrival. Said to be "fully working". We shall see. Quite excited about it! And also picked up a Remington Noiseless Portable, which could do with some TLC to help it smile again. 

That's it. No more! Two is enough! 


26-7-2018 13:43:52  #737

Re: New Member Thread

I am sure your last line is offered in jest! Two nice typewriters you are getting.


26-7-2018 15:42:08  #738

Re: New Member Thread

We shall see. I don't want to start collecting, but as the Borg say, "Resistance is futile!"


30-7-2018 16:46:26  #739

Re: New Member Thread

Hello all. My name is Ken and I live in the UK. I'm a recent convert to typewriters, but found myself getting drawn to them after seeing the endless selection of them that passes through a local charity shop. I currently own a 1973 Hermes Ambassador, and a 1967 Olympia Splendid. Keeping my eye out for a Lettera 32...


30-7-2018 17:58:17  #740

Re: New Member Thread

Hi Ken. I've seen a few Lettera 32s for sale online in the UK, and in Edinburgh has one for sale. 
I'm a recent convert myself. You've come to the right place - these guys know everything there is to know about them!


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