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14-9-2018 19:46:12  #741

Re: New Member Thread

Hello, I am Sam.

I live in Austin Texas, and have been a pawnbroker for 20 years (hence the handle). I have been a fan of mechanical things my whole life, but never really gave typewriters much thought until recently. I had an old portable typewriter in an old footlocker that I told a friend he could have (he wanted a WWII military unit for his WWII collection). I dug it out and researched it, turns out it is a 1939 Corona Zephyr. While researching I sort of fell in love with the concept so I decided that I need ONE, and only one for myself. I tend to get carried away with these collecting phases. Less than one month later I now have three portables, with another on the way. So much for moderation...

My current stable:
1949 Smith Corona Silent (needs one spring to be fully functional)
TBD date Smith Corona Tabulator (needs a lot of attention, and Febreze)
1984 Olympia SFL (runs great, no needs)
TBD date Corona Standard on the way


14-9-2018 20:47:57  #742

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome, Sam! You must get some typewriters passing through your shop on a regular basis.

Those Coronas are nice machines, and handsome as well. I got a chuckle from the Febreze comment. Set it out in the sun for a while to air it out.


14-9-2018 21:37:56  #743

Re: New Member Thread

Fleetwing wrote:

Welcome, Sam! You must get some typewriters passing through your shop on a regular basis.

Those Coronas are nice machines, and handsome as well. I got a chuckle from the Febreze comment. Set it out in the sun for a while to air it out.

Oddly enough the only one I can recall was a couple of months ago, I don't even know what it was. The case was trapezoidal like a Singer sewing machine case but when she said it was a typewriter I was disappointed and passed on it, she didn't even open it. I'm really kicking myself for that now.

I'm trying not to buy any more sewing machines...

I'll give the sunshine treatment a whirl, thanks!


15-9-2018 15:12:50  #744

Re: New Member Thread

Trapezoidal like a Singer sewing machine -- maybe an Olivetti Studio 44. Nice machine.


16-10-2018 14:12:16  #745

Re: New Member Thread

Hello All,

I think I may have the portable typewriter bug.  I'm not a writer, so not sure what I'll do with my first one (Montgomery Ward/Signature 510d) made in June of '69.  Perhaps use my laptop less

I found another on ebay for $30.  Needs a repair that I think I may be able to figure out.  I'm pretty handy and always like to tinker, clean up/refurbish vintage items, so that is the attraction.  

During a visit to Asheville, I met a young man that had a desk/stool and an old portable typewriter.  He sat on the corner and typed poems for $.  He's a talented writer and my poem was great.  But I was more drawn to his typewriter than anything, and he told me the story behind it and how he acquired it.  Since then I've been scanning online.  Then I saw the 501d in great condition in an antique store.  I cleaned it up (didn't need much), ordered a ribbon and made 3 springs that were missing (what's up with not being able to purchase miniature springs!!!).  Anyhow, I made my own with some music wire and a drill, and voila!  it works. 

Glad to know there are other folks out there that appreciate these great machines!




16-10-2018 14:56:03  #746

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome to the forum, Derrick. Brother models are quite durable, so it's fortunate that you ended up with one for your first portable. I have the 511D, but unfortunately it has a cursive typeface, so I don't use it very often.
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30-10-2018 03:44:54  #747

Re: New Member Thread

G'DayMy name is Ian & i live is Sydney Australia. I have just acquired my first Typewriter which I had wanted for a while, mainly to learn the discipline of writing and because I have a secret love of them.  One crossed my path last week for A$50 (US$35) and I picked it up.  Although I am not really sure what makes it actually is, a little research leads me to think that it is an Imperial Good Companion or Model T (if there is a difference?). 

If anyone can clarify the actual make and model that would be really helpful.   There is no name on the typewriter or and any reference to the model, just a serial number which should be in the photos. I did watch a whole bunch of youtube videos on how to clean and adjust sticky keys.  I am pleased to say that everything seems to work well.    

I'm looking forward to learning to type and write. 




30-10-2018 03:54:30  #748


30-10-2018 03:55:57  #749

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome to the forum Ian !  Your pictures will not come out unfortunately, but going from what you have said - the difference between the original Imperial Good Companion (retrospectively called the Good Companion One) and the GC Model T are that the Model T has a tabulator and a freehead, and that the spools are covered by a ribbon cover (like a hingeing lid) on the 'T' and are open on the GC1.  Hope this helps  


30-10-2018 03:59:55  #750

Re: New Member Thread

Thanks for the welcome Key Master!

I saw that the dirrect links didn't work so I tried usung the imbed codes from flickr. 

Please let me know if there is a better way to post images.



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