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20-12-2020 16:06:19  #871

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome to the forum Bill. The SM9 is an excellent choice for a first machine. Did you acquire the Olympia after some research/recommendation, or was it just crossing your path?



20-12-2020 17:46:12  #872

Re: New Member Thread

Hello Lau, Thanks for the welcome. I was originally drawn to the looks of the SM9. I had first seen one of these machines for sale on the website of a local store that specializes in film cameras and typewriters. I was actually visiting to look at the camera gear as opposed to the typewriters, but the SM9 really caught my eye. It reminded me of a number of other product designs from that era that I am fond of, in particular the Brunswick Gold Crown pool table that was first released in the early 1960's.

But what really sealed the deal for me was the chance to try out a few different SM9's along with a number of other typewriters, comparing them all with one another. I tried maybe ten machines in total that day and simply preferred the feel of the SM9 machines. The example I chose featured the Senatorial typeface which I liked both for the design itself as well as it's size, being 11 characters per inch.



22-12-2020 05:40:44  #873

Re: New Member Thread

Trying out a couple of SM9's along with other typewriters is the best scenario possible. Like visiting a typewritershop back in the days.

The 11 cpi standard Elite typefaces I know from my Olympia's and Triumphs are very nice. The sweet spot between the 10 cpi Pica and 12 cpi Elite. I do not know however, how 11 cpi looks with the Senatorial design, but I bet is will do great. Nice find!


23-12-2020 15:55:16  #874

Re: New Member Thread

Ok, an introduction!

My interest in typewriters suddenly flared when I got the idea to use this locked-down holiday to write some letters to prisoners; it turns out that a magical cure for anxiety about your own life is, to try an improve other people's lives a little bit.

I love writing by hand (fountain pens are another hobby), but my handwriting is rather, er, challenging.... and just printing out a letter seems a bit impersonal.
So: a typewriter!

I found a very cheap one here locally, a Hema k44 (Olivetti under a Dutch department store's name), and am now waiting semi-patiently for the new ribbon I ordered, meanwhile writing stream-of-consciousness notes in ghostly grey type.

I'm pleasantly surprised at how much muscle memory I still have when it comes to inserting & adjusting paper, and moving various bits around.
It's been at least 30-35 years since I last used a manual typewriter, but apparently it made an impression.

I have exchanged letters with friends here and abroad in the past, and I am looking forward to doing so again - and this time, they might actually be able to decipher them!


23-12-2020 16:06:32  #875

Re: New Member Thread

Welkom Booksniffer. Het lijkt erop dat hier een groeiend Nederlands segment is!

Although it's rarely used, we have a fountain pen thread here should you want to discuss your interest in pens. I have ordered ink from the Netherlands in the past, but I think I'll save that story for the sub-forum...
The Official Fountain Pen Thread
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12-1-2021 22:33:38  #876

Re: New Member Thread

I'm Scott and I'm new here. And new to typewriters as a hobby in itself. I was tossed out of typing class in 1953. In 1964, while stationed in the West Indies, I got my hands on a Sears Portable. I was better at spinning yarns than typing them and in about 1982 I jumped ship for a word processor with a delete key.

In about 2002 I bought a broken Olympia SM9 for $6 and packed it around until 2020 when I fixed it. I do most of my brainstorming on this Olympia. Unfortunately, publishers don't like hard copy.

In short, I'm an old man and this the world of typewriters is a delightful sit-down hobby.

Thanks for being here.


15-1-2021 13:02:41  #877

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome Scott !

I am a relative newcomer as well but still in the "geezer" classification.

Nice to be in a forum/discussion board were you do not have all those distractions of social media with its likes, share, re-tweets, polls, etc.

Nice corner of the world to share with others who love typewriters and be able to ask for help or to offer it to others.


15-1-2021 19:50:12  #878

Re: New Member Thread

BTW...I love my 1968 Olympia SM9 as well.

1-owner machine that I bought only 12 miles from my home.  Owner was only asking $ 40, but I gave more as I did not think she had priced it correctly and I did not want to feel like a chump.

Case was dis-colored and vinyl wrap torn in several places.  I repaired and repainted to give it a new look.


27-2-2021 13:58:01  #879

Re: New Member Thread

Hello everyone! I'm new here

I've been a typewriter fan since I was very young, growing up with my dad's Olympia Splendid 33 around the house (learned to type on that, pre-computers). He and my mum and mum's brother wrote the first U.S. edition of Reed's Nautical Almanac on that typewriter, so I always connected a keyboard with the idea of something bigger than just the piece of paper in front of you.

Fast-forward 30+ years of not using a typewriter (computers! yay!?) and the universe conspired to put another Olympia, the Traveller S, in the window of a charity shop I happened to walk by. I asked the shopkeeper for the price as it wasn't marked, expecting something reasonable but not 'cheap' and her response was "£5?" — I almost threw the money at her! It was in perfect condition, seemingly never used.

Fast-forward again to this time last year, and I had flown from London to Florida to visit my mum and brother in my hometown, for what was supposed to be two weeks before continuing my travels elsewhere. COVID had other plans, and I got stuck here when the rest of the year's travel/events/et al were all cancelled.

One of the first things I tried to do was find my dad's old Olympia, which hadn't been seen in the house for years. Unable to track it down (probably in a box under another box under some papers — which I can't disturb without mum's approval), I started researching manual typewriters, as I suddenly felt the need to spend as much time away from a computer screen / Zoom meetings as possible, and the typewriter felt like exactly the right medicine.

I spent the rest of the year continuing to read everything I could find online, safely searching Goodwill and thrift stores in the local area, and seeing what was available online (and exercising a ton of patience). In January, I found an amazing deal on a very clean looking Olivetti Studio 44, which arrived a few days later only needing a quick cleaning to un-stick some keys.

Since then, I've managed to find a Lettera 22, Lettera 32 (which was mint, and cheap, but sadly packed poorly so arrived with a cracked shell and bent frame… I was refunded, thankfully, but am attempting to repair the frame and find a replacement shell), and a Sears Courier (the lovely red rebadged Lettera 22).

I may have a problem, ha! This forum has been invaluable over these many months of reading and learning, and in the last few months of actually finding and repairing my new family of Olivetti beauties.


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Olympia Traveller de Luxe S • Splendid 33 • SM9
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03-5-2021 11:03:22  #880

Re: New Member Thread

Started working on IBM Selectrics  in1970 then opened my own business in 1971 and have been going since then. I obtained extensive electronic training in the military in the 60's. Since then I have worked on all kinds of typewriters especially IBM's. Got into computers in the 80's & currently do all kinds of  computer repairs from  building custom computer to networking and much more...  Not a fan of social media but I do enjoy forums and even have my own corvette forum for 20 years now. Still work on the occasional typewriter and people seem to really appreciate having someone that can still repair them, Also have tons of selectric parts. I'd be more than happy to answer any product I have knowledge  about.


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