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21-4-2022 13:42:31  #931

Re: New Member Thread

Nice! It looks like you've got a Royal model 10 standard typewriter from 1924, and a Remington Portable 1 from May 1921 (the X in the serial number indicates May, not June as I had previously written). 

Here are the model pages on the TWDB for them:
Royal typewriter photos of Royal 10 by year then serial number by date (
Remington typewriter photos of Remington Portable by year then serial number by date (

As an added bonus, your Remington still has a brush. None of my Remington portables still had that.

Looks like all they need is a little cleanup. Here are some tips if you want to do that: Basic Typewriter Restoration (



21-4-2022 15:43:12  #932

Re: New Member Thread

Hi robmck:  Thanks for the information.  I'll take a look at the basic typewriter restoration link.  That looks interesting.  I have a cover for the Royal but I don't know if it's original.  I did not look closely at it.  It is ripped along a seem.  Anyway, those links are great and what I was looking for.  Thanks again, and take care.


25-4-2022 23:14:04  #933

Re: New Member Thread

Hello. I'm Chris, live close to the border of Oregon and California. Got the typewriter bug a few years ago after finding a mint Royal KHM at a yard sale for $2.00. Now I have also a " Skyriter. " ( of course) and my pride and joy, a Olympia SM-5. A pleasure to be among typewriter enthusiasts!


25-5-2022 21:47:30  #934

Re: New Member Thread

Hello! I'm "Highriter". Living near the Oregon /California border. Just fell in love with typewriters about 12 years ago...found a Royal KHM in absolutely mint condition at a yard sale..$2.00!!  Later, ( much later) found a pristine Olympia SM 4 in condition with the case on Craigslist in Medford for $25.00.  My latest acquisition is a "Empire branded "Skyriter" without the case, but for $20.00. I also have a folding Corona but I think I will not keep it as it would be a little out of my league to restore. Great to be a member of a great group of typewriter lovers!


25-5-2022 23:11:17  #935

Re: New Member Thread

Hello Chris / Highriter! I’m just up the road from you in the south end of the Willamette Valley. Congratulations on the typewriter finds. I found my dream machine, a working Olympia SG1 Super DeLuxe on Craigslist for a very reasonable price. The seller also had a working SG3 so I took both. Most of my typewriters are Olympias. I’m hoping to come across a nice, late model, working Royal HH Standard locally someday.



05-7-2022 16:49:24  #936

Re: New Member Thread

Hello!  New member here!  This is a fabulous site with lots of VERY valuable info and knowledgeable people.
Was collecting a few before it became such a popular passion for many and now am focusing on my few Olympias and getting them up to speed.  I enjoy the challenge of a repair job and these Oly's are a bit of a challenge.  Thanks for the great place to read and post!


05-7-2022 16:50:40  #937

Re: New Member Thread

Based in the NYC area.


05-7-2022 18:27:29  #938

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome to the forum, there's always room for Olympia fans! 

On another note, it seems that Google/Gmail has recently changed something - for the worse - and now anyone trying to register using a Gmail address can't receive the verification email sent by us. It's awfully tempting to go off on an anti-Google rant right now, but I'll keep it together. 

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10-7-2022 16:35:58  #939

Re: New Member Thread

Greetings to you "other typewriter people".  I'm a definite lover of the site - I'd been using it unregistered for a long while (but very off-and-on).

I'm living up in Canada (well, not far up, in Montréal). But I'm originally from the UK.

My mother taught typing when I was a child and I remember messing around on the machines as back then (and getting black and red fingers)... but I'd never really used one (certainly never owned one) until about 2012 not realising that it had become a huge trend (yes, I'm a bit of a hermit).

I don't use them nearly enough - but I bought them to get into writing more. They have taught me that I am currently a terrible writer, but it's a start.

I've been looking at various "typecast" blogs which have fired up the brain. I now have 5 typewriters to add to the TWDB. The SM9's are in basically perfect condition - but the Tippa is definitely going to be a project.

- Olympia SM9 from the early '70s, Canadian keyboard with Pica or Elite (not sure, but I think it's Elite)
- Olympia SM9 from the mid- '70s, with a script font and a wide carriage
- Triumph Tippa (in awful condition, which I intend to work on). Spanish keyboard that I got from Argentina.
- Facit 1620, UK keyboard - looks to be an early 70's one (still in the post at this point, will have to clean out the escapement on arrival).

sidenote: I didn't get the verification email either btw - and I registered with a gmx address.


10-7-2022 17:18:08  #940

Re: New Member Thread

Welcome, Jaype. With your SM9 of uncertain pitch, just hold a ruler up to the paper bail and count how many tic marks there are in one inch---that's the pitch, and I'll bet it's 11 cpi, which is what all my SMs are. I don't know if that's a European standard nor what they call it, but it's not the English elite (12 cpi) nor pica (10 cpi).

If someone can enlighten me about the common European pitch(es) and their name(s), I will appreciate it.


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