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18-2-2024 19:53:22  #981

Re: New Member Thread

HI Hannah,

Welcome to the Forum and welcome to typewriter collecting.

Nice thing about the Forum, is the power of the "search" functions.  You can search the entire Forum or you can do a search from one of the sub-forms to zero in on a specific type or model of machine.

When I joined the Forum back in 2020, I spent hours trying to go through the many topics and discussions to learn more and to see the vast variety of typewriters to be found.

Eventually I seem to have settled, mostly with 1950's to 1970's machines on which to build up my collection.  The only time I reached back further for an older machine was 1947...but did that only 1 time.  I also have 2 machines from the 1980's...but that is the extent of my outliers.

There are also some past discussion about how to post up photos to your Forum posting.  You have to save your images on a 3rd. party hosting site and then add the hot-link to your posting.

You have made some great choices with the first 4 machines in your collection.

They are some of the same machines in my collection...see photos, below :


27-2-2024 11:48:04  #982

Re: New Member Thread

I'm Olivier !
I've loved typewriters since 2022, but I hadn't really looked for an online community yet, until I found this great forum !
There you go, and thank you to everyone who keeps this forum alive !


28-2-2024 12:44:10  #983

Re: New Member Thread

Belated welcome to the forum, Oliver.

Let us know your area of interest in collecting.

The search-functions on the forum are a great resource, as well.

I enjoy my time here on the forum a lot more than on stuff like Face Book, etc. 

It make take a day or so for a member to reply to a question you might have...just be patient.


01-3-2024 07:44:39  #984

Re: New Member Thread

Thanks for the welcome message  !!!
I agree, forums are much better than Facebook !
I collect a bit of all machines, and I use them a lot, so it has to be in decent condition...



24-3-2024 12:56:45  #985

Re: New Member Thread

Hello all, i'm glad to join this forum, i have become obsessed with collecting typewriters and other office equipment from the 70s/80s (especially calculators).

I got my 31st typewriter last week, a Silver-Reed Leader II and very nice it is too.



26-4-2024 05:06:35  #986

Re: New Member Thread


I just got my first two typewriters, and thought it might be a good idea to join a forum such as this in order to be in contact with more experienced typerwriter users/collectors in case I need some advice etc.

While it is not my intention to become a proper collector or an "enthusiast" (not enough space, and the missus would probably not be too pleased either if I start filling the place with typewriters!), it is my intention to actually use these machines and learn how to maintain them.

I hope to make a topic or two in the portable section and post about my experience with trying to get them cleaned up and running properly. I will also ask for some general advice when necessary.

Anyway, here are the two typewriters I got:

As most people here can probably tell, this is an East German wide-carriage Erika Daro mod. 41 with a Swedish/Finnish keyboard (I'm Finnish); manufactured in 1973 according to the serial number. It came with the manual and other original papers, it works and I like the way it feels, but it does need some cleaning and a new ribbon at least. It cost me 15 €, so I think I got my money's worth.

The next one is a rather cute Dutch-made Triumph Tippa, which cost me 10 €. Not sure about the year of manufacture, and I don't know where the serial number is located. While it doesn't look too bad, it is very dirty inside and needs a thorough cleansing before I can actually do any work with it. The platen looks like it is in rough shape as well and rotating it sometimes makes a nasty screechy sound, but not sure what I can do about that, other than feed it with two papers?

I already bought another Triumph Tippa from another local seller (again for 10 €), which looked similar, except it's a Tippa 1. I should receive it today. Not sure what are the differences between Tippa and Tippa 1, but at the least I hope I can use one of the two for spare parts, or maybe even fix them both, and give one to the missus with a custom paint job or something.

Can't wait to get working on these machines!



26-4-2024 10:46:32  #987

Re: New Member Thread

Apparently I can't edit posts so I'll just add this here: Just figured out I can actually get new rubber coating for the platens and feed rollers from J. J. Short! Might be expensive, especially as they are located in the U. S., but if everything else goes well, it might be worth the price.


26-4-2024 21:07:01  #988

Re: New Member Thread

Hello Jere,

Welcome to the Forum.  Yes...once you submit a posting, the forum format does not allow us to open up the posting, again, for an edit.

Sounds like you are off to a solid start with your typewriter-collecting. 

I went from 4-5 machines back in 2019 to 66 machines, today.

Here is my Erika Daro Model 40 made in 1976 and my Triumph Tippa from 1964.


28-4-2024 02:14:04  #989

Re: New Member Thread

Hello Pete and thank you for the welcome. Those are some nice specimens you have acquired! I now have the Tippa 1 as well. Both Tippas seem have some very minor mechanical problems, but I guess that cleaning will be the first step, and then I can make a better assessment of their true condition.


07-5-2024 16:41:28  #990

Re: New Member Thread

Hi all

I'm James, living on the west coast of Scotland.  I'm a long term owner (around 47 years) of a Glasgow built Olivetti Lettera 22. It has been unused for a good few years but I'm getting ready to revive it.  It needs a good clean and a couple of rubber grommets replaced but no doubt I will find more as I get into it.

Whilst looking at Ebay over the weekend I came across a Studio 44 (another Marcello Nizzoli design so I understand) in poor condition and took pity on it.  I'm now impatiently awaiting its arrival (should be Friday) and the doubling in size of my 'collection'.  This could be the start of a slippery slope but with great willpower I restrained myself from bidding on a couple of Lettera 32s so maybe there’s hope for me!

I'm happy to have found this forum.


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